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Frequently, consumers are largely involuntarily in financial emergency situations. Be it because the old car does not work anymore, a new washing machine has to be made or important repairs have to be carried out on the house. While it used to be common practice for loan processing to take several weeks, this has now changed significantly. Thanks to a special test procedure, the loan is credited to the account of the borrower within a few days.

This is made possible by prefabricated forms in which the customer must enter all relevant data. Now, the lender automatically calculates whether he can lend a loan to the interested party and what conditions are appropriate. Subsequently, the information provided will be checked within a very short time thanks to electronic information and online transmission of the evidence. What was an absolute novelty a few years ago, is now offered by many financial institutions, as the provider comparison for instant loans on http://www.kredite.org/sofortkredit-vergleich shows.

Especially with instant loans, it is important that customers take as much time as possible to compare the different offers. Those who opt for such a lightning loan, is usually under great financial pressure and is therefore vulnerable to dubious providers. For example, those who know that it is almost impossible for them to obtain a loan because of the economic situation should not allow themselves to be tempted by too good-sounding offers. In no case should the consumer for the loan offer in advance must occur.

This is a clear indication of dubious behavior and vendors who request similar are usually black sheep, who will never get a loan. Interest rates that are well above the rest of the market are often offered here. The consequence of this is usually that the customer is far worse in debt. Since the providers are usually not squeamish with the debt collection, the negative consequences for the creditworthiness of the customer can be significant and long-lasting. In spite of the time pressure, interested parties should therefore take care that they refrain from such offers.

In addition, interested parties should note that the advertised interest rates are generally much cheaper than the offer they are received. An increased default risk for the bank is always accompanied by increased interest rates for the borrower.

Even though instant loans are a very practical option, customers should only use this option in an emergency . If you finance your consumption with it, you pay far more for it than if you saved the money, and secondly, you are in danger of completely unnecessary to take the first step into the debt trap.