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A personal loan agreement is concluded between two natural persons, ie private individuals. These may be relatives or friends, or unknown third parties. Various portals can be found on the Internet for this, in which contacts between borrowers and lenders are brokered and private loan agreements can be concluded. Peer-to-peer credit or P2P credit are other names for the personal loan agreement.

Personal loans are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is the uncomplicated and on-eye negotiation. Credit institutions seldom negotiate in the low to normal income ranges. In the case of negative Pearl entries, insecure financing intentions or missing documents, a loan is often rejected. The interest rates are much higher with credit institutions, as different expenses have to be covered by the interest.

Get a personal loan today

The personal loan agreement is usually against payment, otherwise, the correct name would be loan or donation. Paid for means that interest or one-time fringe benefits are paid to grant the loan. The terms of the loan agreement are freely negotiable; however, they must not be immoral or inappropriate.

The personal loan agreement is not formal. Usefully, especially for evidence and proof purposes, this contract should be fixed in writing and signed by both parties – borrower and lender.

The Contracting Parties are free to deposit securities. It would be conceivable a mortgage note, registration certificate Part II (also known as vehicle registration) or other assignments of rights (patents, pensions, etc.). In such a case, the lender pays the agreed loan amount only after it has been given the agreed security. If the borrower repays the loan amount plus interest or fringe benefit, the deposited security will be returned.

In the private credit agreement, both parties should be named by name and with the addresses given. Tip: The mutual control of this data on the basis of identity documents offers even more security.

The amount of the loan and the amount of interest or one-off benefits should also be included in the contract. The amounts can be listed in words and numbers to avoid typing or transmission errors. The concrete method of calculating the interest is also helpful since often private individuals can not make these calculations themselves for lack of knowledge.

It is also advisable to include a repayment date. The more precise the provisions are already made in the contract, the fewer problems that can arise afterward. In particular, in the family environment or in the circle of friends should be taken to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about the repayment.

On the Internet, there are numerous examples of such personal loan agreements that can be easily and simply downloaded and adapted to personal needs. the most important thing is the annual percentage rate or APR.

For hedging, it may also be advisable to include a foreclosure submission in the contract. If the borrower submits to foreclosure, however, the formal requirement of notarial certification applies. The advantage of this variant is that in the case of repayment problems no protracted litigation has to be conducted, but the direct acceptance of foreclosure measures is possible. Otherwise, the involvement of a lawyer is often required. It is therefore very important in this area to find a serious partner.

In addition to the personal loan agreement, the receipt should also be in writing. A receipt is conceivable with payment and repayment of the loan amount, but also with the delivery and return of possible security.

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A private holiday home within Germany can not only serve as an excellent holiday destination, but it is also feasible to use the property as a retirement home. The financing of the desired object is possible with the help of a loan.


Your own holiday home offers several advantages, such as rental income for a rental.

The purchase of a holiday home offers itself for several reasons. For example, such a property is an excellent investment . Of course, this is especially true when the interest level at the time of purchase is at a very low level.

In addition, it is usually the case that in a holiday home, which is located in an attractive holiday area, can be expected with an increase in value.

Furthermore, it is possible to rent the holiday property so that the resulting income can be used for loan repayment. If the house is only rented and not occupied, the owner usually benefits from corresponding tax benefits.

If, on the other hand, it is intended to use the holiday home again and again for a relaxing, restful stay, then you will also benefit from the fact that your own holiday costs will be significantly less expensive. After all, this is how the expenses for a holiday home are saved in this way.

buying criteria

The purchase criteria of a holiday home, for example, includes a good infrastructure.

However, the purchase of a holiday home should be well considered, so that the purchase is really worthwhile. This includes, for example, a beautiful location, in a suitable area.

Furthermore, it is also about a good transport links and a good infrastructure to pay attention: The best are located about doctors and business nearby. This should especially be the case when the property is used as a retirement home. Likewise, one should not let it take a closer look at the building fabric of the house.


In addition to borrowing, equity is required when buying a holiday home.

To finance a holiday home, banks usually also require equity capital. Here, as a rule, up to 20 percent of the purchase price plus ancillary costs are assumed. The additional costs include, for example, the notary costs and the entry in the land register.

In addition, it is also possible, to some extent, to include the income from renting the house into the financing. Here it is generally assumed that the holiday property should be rented for 120 days per year so that its ongoing maintenance costs can be paid.

Of course, it is also important to think about spending on necessary insurance and maintenance.

Further requirements

Among the other requirements to get a loan for the house, among other things, a good credit rating .

In addition to adequate equity, however, it is also necessary to meet the various requirements of banks for lending . This includes, for example, a safe, regular income in a corresponding amount. Furthermore, the banks place a high value on a good credit rating and a positive information. Similarly, the purchase of a holiday home within Germany usually requires a German checking account as well as a residence in this country.

Real estate loan

For the purchase of a holiday home is usually an annuity loan or a fixed loan.

A real estate loan is usually used to finance a holiday home. In most cases, this is a so-called annuity loan.

Here, the borrower always pays a steady monthly installment throughout the life of the loan . However, the interest rate and the amortization portion are not always fixed. So they change gradually. By taking installment payments, the borrower always begins to pay off the loan. As a result, the share of interest rates is slowly decreasing while repayments are rising.

Instead of an annuity loan , however, it is usually also feasible to opt for a fixed loan with a repayment compensation. In such a case, the borrower even monthly constant rate to the bank paid, but to implement them only from interest and not from a repayment together. The payments relating to the repayments are, for example, paid into a life insurance policy . At the end of the loan term, the accumulated amount from life insurance then repays the loan amount.

In this way, it is possible to earn a return using the repayments. However, the interest payments are usually slightly higher than the annuity loan. The background for this is quite simply that the repayment of the loan also takes place only at the end of the term of the loan agreement.

What is important about the fixed loan is that the return on life insurance or a similar investment must be so high that it is sufficient to pay off the loan amount .

follow-up financing

In many cases, a follow-up financing is necessary when buying a holiday home.

Since the purchase of a holiday home usually requires a very high sum to be financed, it is usually not possible to pay back the entire amount in the contractually agreed term during the debit interest payment. Thus, a residual debt remains here, which must be covered with a follow-up financing.

The follow-up financing itself can take place either at the same bank or at another bank . Accordingly, it is possible here to look for a cheap deal to save your own wallet.

Compare loan offers

If you compare the various loan offers of the banks well with each other, can save a lot.

Before a loan is taken out to finance the holiday home or take over the remaining debt, it is therefore important to compare the various offers from the banks. Because these are often very different. For example, even a few percentage points difference may already provide several hundred euros in savings.

When comparing the loan offers, it is advisable to use the APR for a comparison. Because only here all the fees of the loan are included, which is not the case for example with the nominal interest . As a result, the annual percentage rate of interest also makes an excellent comparison.

In addition, most banks offer a variety of special services when granting a real estate loan. These include, for example, free special repayments, a variable interest rate and the suspension of a monthly emergency rate. On the one hand, this makes it possible to save a lot and on the other hand, you can make your own financial situation much more pleasant when needed.

For a quick, uncomplicated comparison, online loan comparisons are ideal. At first, it is only necessary to enter some important data and the suitable credit offers of the various banks appear. Accordingly, the different offers can be compared easily and quickly.

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For a variety of people owning a boat is an absolute dream. However, to make it come true, a lot of capital is needed. But this is exactly where credit can help.

boat types

Not every bank finances all existing boat types. Depending on which type of boat you choose, the purchase prices vary significantly. However, five to six figures are not uncommon here.

When it comes to financing a boat, however, it depends on what kind of nature it is, because not every bank allows lending to all boats. The common variants include, for example:

  • Sailboats, motorized and unmotorised
  • yachts
  • jetskis
  • Motorboats

Yachts often even have their own line of boat financing. The background to this is quite simple: here, the amount to invest is usually well above the amount needed for other boat types.

Accordingly, the costs for the purchase of a boat vary. Here, however, not only the equipment of the boat, but also, for example, its age and equipment is important.

For example, buying a boat can cost you five or six digits. Upwards, however, there are hardly any limits, so that the purchase of a yacht can be significantly more costly.

Assigned loan

In a dedicated boat loan, the banks usually use the boat itself as collateral . Here, however, it is important to fulfill certain requirements, such as a secure, regular income.

A boat loan is usually a dedicated loan . This means that the loan may only be used to buy the boat in question. Usually, the boat also serves as security for the banks.

In order to determine the real value of the boat, an independent appraisal is often needed here. In this not only the brand and the equipment, but also about the age and condition is considered. In this way, the bank learns with what value the “floating vehicle” serves as security.

The appropriateness and the fact that the boat serves as collateral, however, also ensures that the interest rate of the loan is lower, so that it benefits from a rather cheap loan.

In order to obtain a loan for the boat purchase, however, aspiring borrowers have to fulfill a wide range of conditions. Otherwise, no lending is possible. This includes not only a regular, secure and therefore high income, but also a good credit rating and a positive information. Furthermore, usually a German checking account and a German residence is required.

In addition, a variety of documents must be provided when applying for the Bank’s loan. These include, among other things, the last three salary statements, pictures of the boat, as well as tax proof, if the boat was purchased abroad. It is indispensable that the bank be provided with all the required evidence, otherwise it will not be possible to process the loan application.

However, it is also important for the credit institutions where the berth is located. If this is within the EU, then the berth is usually not an exclusionary criterion. However, should this outside the EU, then many banks do not give credit, because the risk is too large here. Furthermore, it is for the credit institutions of interest whether you also charter the boat or “just” for own use would arise.

In the case of successful loan processing, the bank simply transfers the relevant loan amount to its own account. So it is then feasible to buy the desired boat or pay in one amount.

The repayment of the loan takes place, as agreed in the contract, in regular, constant monthly installments. Accordingly, a loan agreement for boat purchase is very clear and does not bring any unpleasant surprises. Due to the high level of planning, the loan payment can also be integrated very well into its own monthly obligations.

Compare and save

It is advisable to compare the various loan offers well together, since there are mostly clear differences here. So it is not only possible to save a lot, but also to benefit from various special services.

Although not every bank finances each boat, it is still advisable to compare the existing offers well together. Because especially with such high sums as they are incurred when buying a boat, already make a few percentage points in the interest rate under some circumstances, a difference of several hundred euros. So, if you compare well here, you can save a lot here.

For example, quick and easy bid comparison is possible with an online loan comparison. Initially, aspiring borrowers simply enter some important data and the comparison already determines the various loan offers that are eligible for own boat purchase.

Since the list of comparisons usually lists not only the interest rates but also other important details, it is easy to get a good overview here.

However, it is important not only to pay attention to the nominal interest , but above all to the annual percentage rate of charge. Because only in the APR are all the costs incurred for the loan taken into account. Accordingly, this is a very good comparison factor.

Furthermore, a credit comparison also reveals which special services the various banks offer in relation to their respective loan offers. This includes, for example, not only the suspension of a monthly emergency rate , but also a variable interest rate and the ability to make free special payments. So it is also possible with the help of the various special services to make the credit repayment more pleasant and additionally to save.

Equip your first home with a loan http://paydayloansvbc.com/equip-your-first-home-with-a-loan/ Fri, 25 Jan 2019 04:03:40 +0000 http://paydayloansvbc.com/equip-your-first-home-with-a-loan/ Read More »]]> loanMoving into the first home of your own is certainly a milestone for everyone. So here can finally be lived alone and done and left what you want. But before moving in, it is necessary to set up the apartment. However, for such an initial equipment usually the most diverse things are needed, which burden your own wallet heavily. However, a loan can be a sensible way out here.

Costs incurred

Depending on the size of the apartment and possibly existing furniture, must be expected here with different levels of cost, from several hundred to thousands of euros.

The own four walls want to be well equipped. This starts, for example, with a bed and a wardrobe, goes through a washing machine to the carpet for the living room. If there is no kitchen, this must also be purchased.

Although usually give the parents a variety of things for their own apartment with and / or help with some money but that is usually simply not enough. Depending on the size of the apartment, existing or required furniture, come here quickly several hundred or even a few thousand euros together.

For the first own apartment, it usually does not have to be expensive designer furniture, but a certain basic equipment is needed. For example, a fridge and a stove and a couch are included.

On the other hand, however, it is mostly the fact that young people, when moving into their first home, often still have little or no savings. In addition, first residence, for example, is not needed purely out of pure desire, but out of necessity: that is the case, for example, when, for educational or study purposes, you have to move out of your home and move to another city.

Here it is then quite a good option to take out a loan to equip your own four walls.


In such a project, the use of a installment loan offers in an ideal way. If it is not possible for the borrower to meet the various requirements, a guarantor or a second borrower is the obvious choice .

For the equipment of the home a installment loan is a very good choice. Since such a loan is not earmarked, the loan amount can be used at its own discretion. Thus, for example, it is completely irrelevant whether a new bed or a new mural is purchased. Due to the attachment of purpose, the borrower thus benefits from a very high degree of flexibility and can acquire exactly the things that are needed.

However, even with a loan to finance the equipment of the first home, the various requirements of the credit institutions must be met. For example, a secure, steady income is essential. Likewise, a good credit rating and a positive information is necessary. In addition, most banks also require a German checking account and a German residence.

However, the various prerequisites can present a major hurdle, especially for young people. Most of the time, this is a matter of safe, regular income. But even if you are still in education and the probationary period has already left behind, you are in possession of a fixed salary, which is transferred to your own checking account at regular intervals.

However, if the cash receipt turns out to be too low or does not take place regularly, or there are other problems with meeting the various requirements, then it is usually quite difficult to get such a loan approved by the bank .

However, it is not necessary to live in an empty flat, because with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is quite possible to get such a loan anyway. However, it is important here that the guarantor or the second borrower then in turn fulfills the various predefined requirements of the banks. If so, successful lending is usually no longer a problem.

Guarantors or as the second borrower in the contract to be included, for example, the parents, grandparents, other relatives or even friends. However, the individual should be absolutely clear that they are responsible for the fulfillment of the contractual obligation or the payment of monthly installments, if the actual borrower is not able to do so. Because of this, it is highly recommended to consider in advance whether you really want to be included as a guarantor / second borrower in the contract.

After the loan application has been approved by the bank , the payment of the desired amount is usually very fast: Within a few working days, the borrower usually already has the money. The credit institutions generally transfer the sum in question to the account specified in the contract.

to compare

Outgoing borrowers should never immediately accept the first loan offer. Much better is to compare the various loan offers well together in order to save and benefit from various special benefits.

However, it often pays off with a loan for the initial equipment of your own apartment, when the different loan offers of various banks are compared well with each other. However, you should not be fooled, because even a difference of a few percentage points may under certain circumstances, depending on the loan amount, make a huge difference of about several hundred euros.

In addition, some banks offer a variety of special services. For example, with the help of a free special repayment, it is possible to save money: With such a payment, it is not only possible to reduce the loan amount, but also lower interest payments. If this option was not contractually agreed, a prepayment penalty must be paid. This is a fee charged by the banks due to the lost interest income through the early installment payment. Such a payment is possible, for example, if the employer paid Christmas or holiday pay, for example.

Likewise, the suspension of a monthly installment in an emergency can be offered as a special service by the banks. If, for example, the car suddenly has to go to the workshop, you can use it. So it is possible to have the car repaired and yet the repayment of the loan is not endangered.

But even a variable repayment rate is a very useful option. If, for example, you suddenly have to manage with a lower salary, this will make it possible to reduce the repayment . On the other hand, if you receive a salary increase or come in the second or third year of training, so that a larger amount is available in the month, then it is possible to pay a higher repayment and thus pay back the loan faster.

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An antique is something very special: For example, this not only brings you a wonderful, beautiful piece of furniture, picture or something similar, but an antique is always a trip into the past. This is a piece of contemporary history that gives your home a completely different, noble ambience. However, antiques are not only quite rare, but also very expensive. If you want to decorate your own four walls with such a rarity, you have to reach for it in the regular low in your pocket. But with the help of a loan such an acquisition can be stopped.

When does one speak of an antique?

From a purely legal point of view, a piece of furniture that is at least 100 years old is an antique. However, there are more things to add, such as the rarity level.

Unfortunately, when an antique is really an antique is not exactly defined. From a purely legal point of view, however, it is such if the piece of furniture is at least 100 years old. However, it should be noted here that not only the pure age determines the value of the good piece. So it comes here in addition to many other things. These include, for example, the state in which it is located as well as the rarity level.

However, it should be noted that such a piece of furniture must not be restored or renewed over 30 percent ; otherwise it will no longer be classified as an antique.

Why buy an antique?

The purchase of an antique can be done for a variety of reasons. This includes, for example, that such a piece of furniture is usually also a coveted collector’s item.

Antiques are not only expensive but also old. So why buy such a piece of furniture, a clock or a picture, for example?

The answer to this question is very diverse. For example, an antique is an absolute peculiarity, something that not everyone owns. In addition, antiques delight with a magnificent look and are also able to “revive” the past, so to speak. Last but not least, these are often coveted collectibles.

Nowadays, it is often not desired or even impossible to equip the entire apartment with antiques. But individual pieces, as an example, are also wonderful in very modern facilities. For example, an antique here sets a very charming accent and in this way complements the existing furnishings.


It is best if the authenticity of the eligible antique is checked by a specialist.

But how do you even know whether it is really such an example of the impressive chest from the romance? For laymen in this field, it is usually not easy or even impossible to recognize the true value of such a piece.

Because of this, it is always advisable to consult a specialist here. This is especially true when it comes to a very high-priced antique. It is important that a sworn expert draw up an independent report . Because now exists a considerable number of sellers, who indeed advertise with “certificate of authenticity” but who, on closer inspection, are not worth the paper on which they were printed.

Finance antique with the help of a loan?

An antique can even be financed very well with a loan . For example, since this is a piece of furniture of high value, that will certainly give you many years of enjoyment, this is certainly a good investment.

The recordings of a loan should of course be well considered. Nevertheless, such a loan is well worth it to indulge in the often long-awaited antique.

In addition, for example, this is a piece of furniture that brings a certain value and is not bought every day. In addition, it is certainly a very long time to enjoy an antique.

Since antiques often cost not only several hundred, but also quickly over several thousand euros, it is certainly not surprising that a loan for financing is requested here. After all, you do not always have such a high amount of money in your checking account at your disposal. In addition, the savings are often not attacked for this, because it is held back, for example, as a “nest egg”.

Accordingly, a loan is usually a very good option to get to a magnificent antique.


In order to finance the desired antique, a classic installment loan is ideal. The repayment of the loan is made here in constant, monthly installments.

An antique is usually financed by means of a classic installment loan. As this is a loan that lacks its purpose, it can be used as desired.

The repayment of the loan is quite simply in constant, monthly installments. Accordingly, with such a loan very well planned and it must not be expected with any surprises.

The loan amount, term and installment amount are agreed by the applicant with the bank . Once the last installment has been paid by the borrower , the loan has been fully repaid.

However, in order for the banks to lend, the prospective borrowers must meet a variety of conditions. In addition to a good credit rating, this also includes a secure, fixed income. But even a positive report is very important. Furthermore, the banks usually also require a German checking account as well as a German residence.

Should it not be possible, contrary to expectations, to meet the various requirements of the banks. Then, for example, it is possible to take a guarantor or a second borrower. In turn, if the person in question meets the various requirements, lending is usually no more a hindrance. However, the guarantor or the second borrower should definitely bear in mind that he is responsible, as it were, for this. This means that if the borrower defaults, the individual must pay in full for the remainder of the loan . Accordingly, it should be carefully considered whether to intervene as a guarantor or second borrower .

Furthermore, before applying for a loan, it is advisable to take a close look at the different loan offers of various banks; because these often differ very clearly from each other. An excellent comparison option offers here the annual percentage rate, since this already includes all the costs that are incurred for a loan.

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Studying opens up many job opportunities and increases the chances of finding a job safely. Well-educated people are far less likely to be unemployed than people without a vocational qualification or university degree. While almost 6 percent of people in Germany nationwide were unemployed in 2012, the unemployment rate among people with higher education was 2.6 percent and thus much lower. An investigation by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training also revealed that the demand for skilled workers will even increase in the future. A good reason for young people to invest in their own future and to study. However, this project often stands in the way of insufficient capital. For example, students who do not receive a can also finance their studies with a student loan.

Secure cheap credit from the bank now

The national promotional bank the offers students very favorable interest rates of currently 3.16 percent per year. The loans are also tailor-made for students. The loan amount is not paid out at the as usual, but in monthly installments. The maximum monthly amount is 650 euros, which students can receive for up to 14 semesters. the Bank has also considered a lifelike model for the repayment of the student loan: After the payout phase of the loan, which lasts for up to seven years, there will be a qualifying period of up to 23 months, depending on the student’s wishes and circumstances. This gives the students enough time to establish themselves in the workplace in order after the grace period to the repayment to begin the loan. The consumer has up to 25 years to pay for student loans. In addition to the payment and repayment modalities, this loan has another special feature: Interested parties can not apply for the’s student loan directly from the national development bank, but only from certain student unions or banks.

Compare alternative offers via a loan calculator

Although the student loan from the Bank is almost unbeatably cheap, an independent comparison of different offers is always worthwhile. Only then can consumers be sure that they have found the best deal.

Occasionally, students do not want to finance their entire studies, but only want to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck. That may be the case, for example, when the state exam is due and there is no time for the part-time job. In these cases, for example, it may be sufficient to take out a small loan . In doing so, students should pay special attention to choosing the essential credit components such as loan amount, term and repayment installments so that the loan can always be financed for them. Through an independent loan calculator on the Internet, consumers can get various offers and find the cheapest loan for themselves. The loan amount and the term can be varied in the online loan comparison so that the installments payable monthly fit optimally into the student’s budget. No matter whether it’s a financial shortage or the financing of your studies: With the right loan, there is nothing standing in the way of studying without financial worries.

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In order to expand the terrace as desired, usually a larger sum is necessary. However, the required amount is usually not always on the current account or the call money account . In order to turn your own terrace into a green oasis, borrowing is ideal.

Terrace extension – financed with the help of a loan

With a loan , many things are possible with a terrace extension, such as the new creation of such a green oasis, an enlargement or the various repair / modernization works.

A loan for the terrace can either be a classic installment loan or a modernization loan . After all, as an owner, you want to know the property in good condition and feel at home on the terrace. In addition, such work also ensures that the value of the property increases.

Such a loan can be used for a variety of repairs, repairs and embellishments. This includes, for example, a connection from the living room or bedroom directly into the beautiful green. Or the terrace is expanded, roofed or renewed the tiles / floor tiles. Likewise, it is also feasible with the help of a loan , to create a complete terrace according to your own wishes and ideas.

modernization credit

Outgoing borrowers must be aware that a modernization loan is always earmarked and the loan amount may not be used for anything else.

Who decides to upgrade the terrace for a modernization loan, should absolutely note that this loan type is earmarked. Accordingly, the borrower is only allowed to use the loan amount for the purpose stated in the contract.

The sum may therefore not be spent on anything else. However, the individual works are not recorded in detail in the contract. If the loan amount is used for the extension of the terrace, the borrower is allowed to fully use the loan amount.

Thanks to the earmarking, the borrower benefits from a lower interest rate . With a installment loan , these are usually much higher.

However, banks only grant a modernization loan to real estate owners. Tenants are generally obliged to report desired structural changes in advance to the owner or ask them for permission. As a result, the banks exclude tenants from the outset of the award of a modernization loan. In addition, some banks also claim that the property is occupied by the owner himself.

The advantages of a modernization loan include the very favorable interest rate, which is due to the contractually stipulated purpose. In addition, it is usually possible to negotiate fairly flexible loan amounts and repayment terms with the banks.

The disadvantage of a modernization loan, however, is that the loan amount may not be used flexibly, but is only to be used for the terrace extension.

prestigious credit example improves with installment loan http://paydayloansvbc.com/prestigious-credit-example-improves-with-installment-loan/ Fri, 25 Jan 2019 03:43:52 +0000 http://paydayloansvbc.com/prestigious-credit-example-improves-with-installment-loan/ Read More »]]> dollars

According to banks are required to give a 2/3 credit example.

This states what a loan costs “in its entirety”, along with all fees and interest and also the most credit customers at the end of conditions .

Thus, it is no longer enough to call the “lowest possible interest rate ” or a range (from 3% to 8.99%), but the actual “most” awarded terms. This transparent for the customer what interest rate he “in general” has to expect. Now Belcalise could adjust this credit example as follows:

Representative credit example from 11.04.2014

  • Net loan amount : 10,000 euros
  • Duration : 60 months
  • Total credit costs: 11,210.59 euros
  • Annual percentage rate : 4.69% (previously 5.29%)
  • Debit interest rate (tied): 4.59% pa (previously 5.17%)
  • Other costs: none
    In addition to the total costs mentioned above, there are no additional fees and costs.

The installment loan from Belcalise can be applied for on the internet. These Belcalise provides a loan calculator . With this one can calculate directly on the Internet the borrowing costs according to the loan amount itself: Belcalise credit

So if at Belcalise one credit than 10,000 euros must receive over the term of the rate loan over the loan installment to repay a total of 11,210.59 euros. Thus the cost of credit amounted to 14,210.59 euros for the 5 years of repayment term .

This allowed Belcalise to significantly improve its terms in the past period of the loan actually brokered. The annual percentage rate of charge can now be reduced by 0.6%. The borrowing rate can be shown 0.58% lower in the representative loan example.

The credit rating is crucial at Belcalise

The credit rating is crucial at Belcalise

The actual amount of credit results from your own credit rating . The better the credit rating, the lower the interest rate can be. The credit calculator from Belcalise therefore has its own credit rating.

In the case of a “medium credit rating”, the monthly loan amounting to 186.90 euros will be used to repay the loan .

If you have an excellent credit rating, you can get a loan rate of 2.79 percent APR, which translates into a monthly rate of 178.60 Euros. The cost of the credit then falls to the loan from the credit example to 716 euros.

With a “bad credit rating” – which leads just to the credit approval – you pay 6.99% percent APR with a monthly rate of 197 €. There are then borrowing costs in the amount of 1,816.79 euros to raise.

Save money with a cheap real estate loan http://paydayloansvbc.com/save-money-with-a-cheap-real-estate-loan/ Fri, 25 Jan 2019 03:43:34 +0000 http://paydayloansvbc.com/save-money-with-a-cheap-real-estate-loan/ Read More »]]> loan

Owning your own home is the dream of every family. Whether it’s a condominium in the city or a house in the countryside. The need for one’s own home is still present in most people. Of course it is necessary to think about what you want. Are you the type who lives in the city? This has the advantage that you can usually do without a second car in one family and have all infrastructural facilities available nearby. These include the connections to public transport, such as buses and trains but also shopping. In the more densely populated areas, there are always opportunities to ensure the daily care of the family.

Another advantage of living in the city is the accessibility of schools and kindergartens as well as the offer of recreational opportunities for young and old. From the cinema to the swimming pool or theater, restaurant, everything is available in every major city. As a shortcoming, there are often fewer areas available in the city that serve recreation. Depending on the location you will find playgrounds in some parts of the city but sometimes you have to go or even drive to get into a forest. The environmental impact is another consideration that you should consider when choosing your home ownership. Everywhere more people live, more people have to drive by car. This means that you also have a higher in a city stress need to take from car exhaust into account. Likewise, city planner programs ensure that some vehicles can not enter residential areas unless they meet a specified standard.

This should keep the so-called “stinkers” away and provide better air. What speaks in favor of a life in the city, the country life is designed to the detriment. Other ways are easy to accept if you want to visit cultural events. The basic care of a family is of course also ensured in the countryside. Groceries and everyday items are also available in a more rural environment. However, if you live, really outside, often a second car is necessary. In particular, if both parents work, you can not avoid this evil. These costs should always be taken into account. In order to realize the dream of owning a home, a cheap real estate loan must be found in most cases. Few families or even couples and individuals own the full purchase price of a property as a fortune,

You will find the best deal if you are willing to invest a little effort in the comparison. The first route usually leads to your own bank , where the current account is also managed. There they will gladly make you an offer and try to convince you that it is firstly convenient to finance the property here and secondly also the most favorable interest rates . A little critical, however, you should consider the whole thing. In this day and age, you can get an overview with relatively little effort, which tells you how much such a monthly funding costs. The Internet, which turns out to be a treasure trove of information, can also help in the search for the best deals. A favorable real estate loan can be discovered for example by means of a comparison computer. Normally, you simply enter your financing requirements and the corresponding key data and receive an overview of the various providers.

Among other things, you will see the monthly rate and the corresponding interest rates. Obviously , this list-based result is not a binding loan commitment , but if you’ve entered your details truthfully, there’s nothing standing in the way of a funding commitment . The property should of course correspond to the value of the purchase price. However, this will still be considered separately in the application process by the lender. Whether you opt for a loan from a bank or a lender should depend entirely on the offer. Of course, there are other sources of real estate financing than a bank. Various insurance companies also offer funds that have integrated the insurance cover for the customer at the same time. The repayment modalities are a bit different. As a rule, the associated life insurance is used at the end of the term to repay the loan . The third, but not last, variant is the application for a home savings loan from a building society.

In addition to determining the cost of your new home over the Internet, you can of course also ask friends or acquaintances how they pay your property and whether you can still live well with the monthly burden. However, you should take into account that the money market is a very fast-moving business and the interest rates change within a short time. Maybe it’s even worth it to wait a while. If funding does not need to be requested immediately, you may be able to save a few dollars a month. However, you should remember that interest rates can not only fall but also rise.

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From the title you can almost imagine that it is the car loan without is a separate loan , which is also to get a bad information . This is simply because the banks pay attention not to the information, but rather to other creditworthiness features when processing corresponding car loans .

Do I get a car loan despite entry?

From the title you can almost imagine that it is the car loan without is a separate loan , which is also to get a bad information. This is simply because the banks pay attention not to the information, but rather to other creditworthiness features when processing corresponding car loans.

If your car loan application has been rejected by a bank as unacceptable, then there could be all sorts of reasons for it. For example, many banks are not reimbursing loans to the unemployed, self-employed and self-employed. Likewise, it can happen very easily if you are not a German citizen and have no valid and permanent residence permit in Germany at your disposal that a loan application is not approved. An unacceptable score ( voucher) or a household bill, which a Bank shows that the loan applicant can not really afford the car loan in their view, is in many cases the reason for the rejection of a car loan.

If a car loan application is not reimbursed because of bad creditworthiness it makes a lot of sense to include a second borrower , as a guarantee , in the car loan application . This person can be friend, mother or grandma. The individual should only have sufficient income to prove. He is fully liable for the loan, as is the claimant. Also, a very important role in the credit decision of the banks is the level of risk of a loan default. A second person as an additional borrower reduces the risk for banks enormously and the chance of getting a car loan offer will rise considerably.

In the case you want to take out a car loan without , it is mainly important that you are able to prove that you have a long-term income. Because that’s what banks value the most. Finally, an existing and regulated income is a guarantee or justification that the borrower can repay the car loan without any problems. It is therefore of great advantage that you can show an employment relationship, which should normally exist for at least six months.

What you should absolutely know about important requirements for a -free car loan is that it is important that the level of debt is not too high. Too many loans should not exist. In addition, it is clear that banks need security . In the case of car financing, the motor vehicle is always used as collateral at this point, which should mean for the time being that the banks retain the vehicle registration.