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The “credit despite ” is a winged term. Many consumers hope, even with negative entries in the , the chance of a loan. However, the is an important means of the banks to assess the creditworthiness of potential customers. Banks are reluctant to risk lending money to people who have failed to make payments in the past.


A loan without entry is in the form of German banks rather not. Too big here is the risk of loan default. On the Internet you will find offers that promise a loan despite entries. These are either marketing gambles or deals at very high interest rates . The lenders would offset the risk in this case with excessive interest rates. This can end up in a vicious circle for many borrowers. Anyone who already has money problems and makes an expensive freien credit runs the risk of over-training.

Other options for obtaining a loan without examining include, for example, loans from abroad (eg Switzerland). Also conceivable are personal loans from friends and acquaintances . In addition, there are now also on the Internet platforms that provide private loans. Without appropriate credit rating, one should, however, omit the hands here.

Instant loans despite are offered by specialized credit intermediaries . The interest rates on these loans are, however, usually much higher than with the traditional -tested installment loans. However, these loans do not involve a single day at , nor does the loan request, which is normally noted by as a condition request, be mentioned in the customer account .

The installment loans without queries, however, require a regular income. Unemployed, Hartz IV recipients and Nebenjobber are not seen at all free credit intermediaries. On the other hand, permanent employees, pensioners and civil servants have a good chance of receiving installment credit without information.

However, these customers should meticulously comply with the monthly installment payment obligations, as in the absence of installments there will be an automatic salary transfer , which must be signed in the agreed upon loan. As a rule, the interest and processing fees are very high. An instant loan without query is therefore worthwhile only for customers with fixed and regulated income and is usually anything but cheap.

Better pay attention to seriousness

Due to the increased demand for instant loans despite entry, the competition between the various credit brokerage companies has increased enormously. Seriously occurring switching companies try therefore by good service offers, to differentiate itself from the remainder particularly . Thus, the online loan application is one of these services that meet the customer’s requirements for a convenient application. In this way, the credit opportunities with the most diverse credit providers in a short time before check.

A reputable credit broker takes over the comparison of the individual loan offers and then offers the most suitable offer to the respective borrower. Other services provided by a reputable credit intermediary include any help and advice in case of problems. However, it has no influence on the aspects of the application for credit examined.

But it would also be erroneous for the consumer to believe that this simplified form of lending would take place without too many supporting documents. On the contrary, just this evidence is needed as the basis for calculating the credit rating.

The simplest and fastest form of instant loan despite is the so-called short-term loan. The short-term credit differs very clearly in the amount of the loan and the terms of a microcredit. As a rule, only very small demands are made on the proof of income. For example, a monthly net income of 500 euros can already be enough for a permit. In most cases, the credit request is only checked in a simplified procedure. The low maximum sum and the short term – for first-time customers this is usually 30 days – allow this simplified test .

Later, the maximum sum can be increased to 1,000 euros. The duration is then 90 days. Anyone who agrees to these restrictions, receives with the form of micro short-term credit the fastest alternative of the instant loan despite entry.

The washing machine or the car always say goodbye at an unfavorable time. Sometimes you just do not have the money in your bank account and you need a loan. But what to do if there is already a negative entry in the ? Then an instant loan must have come despite . There are very few providers in the German market who offer instant loans despite .

Very often, however, these loans are offered by bankers or private investors from Switzerland. This has also earned them the name Swiss Credit. Swiss loans are often the ideal solution to close short-term bottlenecks if German banks reject the loan.

How do you get a loan despite ?

In general, instant loans without are subject to the same principle as all other loans. The only advantage of this type of loan is the fact that the entry in the does not decide on the granting of credit . Rather, the focus here is on the income or security that the borrower has to offer. The lending institution or the bank accesses the collateral when it comes to financial difficulties.

On the other hand, on the other hand, this means that anyone who has an entry in the and a low income and can provide no collateral to it, also has no chance for a loan without .

Organizational basis for an instant loan despite

As with any other loan, even with an instant loan, despite , some conditions must be met. First, age plays a big role. Only those who have full legal capacity can apply for and take out a loan. One is 18 years of age in Germany. However, there are some countries, such as Switzerland, which have pushed up their age limit. For a loan, customers must be at least 23 years old. As an upper limit, the Swiss banks have mostly set an age of 58 for their loans without .

However, as these special age rules are not established by law, a second look at the credit terms or a request to the bank is worthwhile. Non-negotiable, however, is a permanent residence in Germany. The nationality is secondary, as long as the borrower is registered in Germany with a permanent residence.

A sufficient income

Of course, even Swiss banks and credit institutions do not issue instant loans without hedge. Job and income can be a hurdle. Borrowers must be able to prove that they have a permanent and, above all, unfinished employment relationship for a Swiss loan. In addition, they must work for at least six months in this employment relationship. Most lenders require a valid employment contract as proof. It becomes difficult for employees in temporary employment agencies or in the probationary period to get a loan.

The biggest hurdle, however, is likely to be the level of income. The salary must be high enough for livelihood and appropriate loan installments . As a guideline, the Swiss loans for singles have set at least 1070 € net income and for a couple with two children, it should be at least € 2350. These heights are comparable to the leasable income in Germany.

Calculations for loans

Swiss loans have different borrowing rates . The interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. This can be an interest rate of less than 5%, but also an interest rate of almost 16% is possible. An example explains the differences easily. To keep the example as simple as possible, all other costs, such as typing fees or account maintenance fees, are neglected.

For example, suppose the borrower picks up $ 10,000 and agrees to a repayment with the lender within five years. With a nominal interest rate of 5%, that means 60 monthly installments of € 188.71 each. If the nominal interest rate is 15%, the borrower would have to pay € 237.90 per month. So it’s worth taking a close look at the interest rates, because it’s not just the term that determines the cost of the loan, but also the interest rate and incidental costs.

Worth knowing about the credit despite

What does frei mean?

To know why it is so important for some borrowers that the loan is free of debt, you have to remember what the has a task at all. The was founded as a protection association for general credit protection and is now an information file for banks, financial service providers and dealers .

Everything that has to do with finance is collected here. It starts with the checking account and does not end up in hire purchase or cell phone contracts. Providers can use the data to gain insight into the payment behavior of their potential customers.

In return, the member companies are allowed to use the data in order to get an idea of ​​the payment behavior of the customer or applicant. Of course, entrepreneurs do not get all the data, they only learn what’s important to them. For example, loans or contracts are considered positive or negative.

Negative are of course loans, where there are payment difficulties. Thus, customers are considered problem cases and are often rejected by the companies, even if the payment difficulties are a long time ago. In such a case, Swiss loans are an option.

Disadvantages of debt-free loans

Disadvantages of debt-free loans

The lenders abroad are of course aware that they are primarily in demand for loans, if there are any problems in Germany . This can be compensated by the lenders with significantly higher interest rates. With the higher interest rates, possible loan losses are to be hedged. Not infrequently, the interest rates are so high that they even exceed the credit line.

Little flexibility in the loan amount

Especially Swiss loans are very rigid. Thus, customers have little opportunity to get flexible loan amounts or terms. The amounts are predetermined and interested parties can only choose between different offers . This also affects the term and the monthly repayment rate.

Beware of dubious providers

Beware of dubious providers

Who is looking for a loan without should check the offers very closely. Unfortunately, especially among these providers there are also many black sheep who want to do business with the plight of the loan seekers. Of course this does not mean that all offers are dubious. Interested parties should definitely be cautious if the lender already charges in advance.

There should be no charge for the settlement or loan brokerage. The same applies to the shipment of the documents. When shipping the contract documents by cash on delivery, all alarm should be heard, especially if the credit is not yet approved.

Credit and insolvency advice as a combination package?

Not infrequently, credit seekers are already overindebted and looking for a way out. Also from this dubious providers like to draw their advantages. They promise loans for a payable insolvency counseling. With this method, they also take out their last euro from loan seekers. It is better for over-indebted persons to seek a state bankruptcy counseling.

Do not buy nonsensical additional products

If the loan seekers are offered great deals that they get in addition to their credit, it is better to keep away from them . Insurance contracts or participations do not belong in a loan application.

Do not transfer money in advance

Once you have transferred money to credit intermediaries, you have little chance of getting it back. It is therefore advisable to take a closer look at the credit providers before they close . Loans despite are a good thing, but they are also to be treated with caution. As always, when it comes to money, you should compare very closely and not every confidence.