Loans without credit check

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Anyone who has been in financial difficulties due to blows of fate and no longer receives any credit from the banks because of his negative entry, or who wants to make purchases and does not want to risk having his borrowing recorded by the , often sees credit without a credit check as a last resort on. Consumers who are looking for a loan without a query can usually find the right offer on the Internet. However, since there various providers advertise to customers, credit seekers should previously perform a loan comparison on one of the free credit comparison portals.

Requirements for a loan without query

Loans granted without a prior credit check are called -free or Swiss loans. Most of these loans are provided by Swiss banks to German consumers who have received credit cancellations from German banks. Loans of this kind can only be provided by German credit intermediaries. These instant loans, which are limited to a maximum loan of 3500 euros, are usually handled quickly and unbureaucratically.

Although no query is made, the applicant still has to have a good credit rating . Prerequisites for obtaining such a loan are a fixed, ie permanent, employment relationship as a worker, employee or civil servant and a minimum monthly income of 1070 euros net, so that in case of non-payment of the credit installment the attachable part of the income can be immediately withheld , Sometimes the existence of collateral is checked. The borrower has to pay on average 15% interest and high fees for such loans.

The age of the borrower also plays a role in the allocation of Swiss loans. The borrower may only be between 18 and 58 years old . The few German credit intermediaries who grant loans without a request also require German citizenship and a payroll account with a German bank. Loan offers on the Internet should include all the legal information such as type of loan, loan amount, borrowing rate, maturity, annual percentage rate, two-thirds interest rate and a sample calculation, so that the loan seeker knows exactly what total costs he has to expect his credit. Before signing a Swiss loan, the borrower should also be aware that currency fluctuations have an impact on the repayment amount.

Beware of credit scammers

Those who are looking for a credit without a credit check are often under great time pressure because they must quickly find a suitable offer . Unfortunately, he is in this situation, an easy prey for loan sharks, which lure with unserious offers. These include, for example, providers who charge fees in advance for the comparison of several offers or for their brokerage activities. Caution should also be exercised if COD charges are required for the dispatch of contract documents, as this procedure is unusual in the industry.

Also dubious are credit intermediaries, which claim as an alleged protection of the credit default risk, the conclusion of additional insurance , or imposed on the already over-indebted consumer insolvency advice (which is then usually carried out by unauthorized persons). If the credit intermediary can only be reached via an expensive advisory hotline or should the person interested in credit pay for his home visit, the customer should rather distance himself from this offer. Even the floral courtship with the “credit for everyone” at very low interest rates should be enjoyed with caution.