What is Credits

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In a world of progress and constant competition for the development of every society and individual is education. It depends not only on progress, but also on the broad spectrum and look of people all over the world.

It is not by chance that good education opens the doors to the world and the knowledge need to be complete people. In this way, are able to live properly, as well as to create own lives and that of the social life ​​live in.

For this and a number of other important reasons, the ABCD credit system has also been created. It has existed since 1999 and aims at transferring certain procedures that can guarantee the academic recognition of a student’s education abroad.

All of this in practice concerns the recognition of learning from one higher education institution to another in different European countries, including Bulgaria. This includes the possibility that the education systems in the different countries can be more compatible, which is especially advantageous for students who have decided to continue their higher education in another country.

What are the characteristics of this type of loan?

  • ABCD reduces the problems that may arise in recognizing one university from another. In this way, greater transparency is gained on acquired knowledge and completed training courses;
  • Combine different types of trainings conducted within the curriculum and overall education;
  • Making national country training programs more compatible;
  • They reflect the amount of work and the results of a training;
  • They help in the more practical and facilitated use of selected documents related to higher education;
  • Facilitate student mobility.

How to apply for points

  • Depending on the type of training (bachelor or master), a number of points are determined and collected. For example, training provides 60 points for a bachelor’s degree, which means 30 per semester. The number required to acquire this degree is 240, 10 of which are for the defense of the diploma thesis;
  • About Master Degree. Here, the total required number is not less than 60. For the main training subjects 1 point consists of 25 hours. An important part to be aware of is that for majors that consist of procedures for acquiring only a master’s degree, the minimum needed credits is 300.

Terms of Service

  • Each student can get the full rules and process of reporting their training at the beginning of the semester;
  • For each school there is a lecturer who monitors the corresponding workload in the students’ program. The entire process could be monitored by the head of the relevant department and the ABCD expert at the respective educational establishment. The control is carried out by the Dean of the Faculty;
  • In order to be admitted to a student’s examination, he / she must have completed the practice of accumulating the required points in a chosen discipline;
  • To obtain the required number, anyone assigned to this task as a bachelor or master must receive a positive assessment (no less than Medium 3) on the specific subject matter and subject;
  • All points earned by him / her are entered in the relevant headbooks.