Five years after taking a step back from her eponymous beauty brand, legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown is back in the market with a shiny new empire, Jones Road Beauty.

And, if her record collar stamped “10.20” (the month and year her 25-year non-competition with Estée Lauder expired), it couldn’t come soon enough.

“My desire to create Jones Road was simple – I was a makeup artist again and I realized that the makeup I was doing on set was exactly as I was doing it myself,” Brown tells me. “I quickly saw an opportunity to teach this new aesthetic to others and I knew the products I needed to do this. “

With her non-compete threat lifted and an initial investment of $ 2 million, funded by herself and her husband, she got to work.

“Every time I believe in a project, I put my whole being into it. For me, it’s not about minutes or hours, but about passion for the product and wanting others to love it as much as I do.

Right off the bat, she knew she wanted to create “clean” beauty and skin care products that did not contain phthalates, sulfates, petroleum jelly, PEG, cyclic silicones, EDTA or BPA. , but did not know if it could be achieved.

“The process was actually really happy and exciting. I hadn’t been one-on-one with the labs from the start, so everything seemed new to me. I wasn’t sure the products I wanted to make – high performance and clean – were still possible.

To begin with, she brainstormed a small collection of beauty “must-haves” and reached out to labs that already made clean formulas so that both visions could be understood no matter how many product reviews she had. she returned.

“Sometimes it was two and sometimes it was a hundred!” she admits. “I couldn’t have done it without my brand new micro-team of two product developers who took care of everything. “

And, as you might expect, the fruits of their labor haven’t fallen short of Brown’s expectations. The 20-piece Jones Road Beauty collection (gently launched in the United States last October, almost 25 years to the day since signing her contract with Estée Lauder) has become an instant hit among fans of clean beauty. .

Particularly the “hero product” The Face Pencil, nicknamed “the all stick”, which can be used both as a concealer and as a foundation – correcting redness, dark spots, discoloration and more with a finish skin-like.

But Brown herself has another favorite. “Our Miracle Balm really amazes me – it’s the perfect combination of hydration and tone, and a few patches on your face make you look better instantly.

“It can be used literally anywhere: on the cheeks, eyes, lips, neck, legs and body, or even to pat on flyaways. I love all the shades, but Tawny is definitely the favorite for my skin tone – she gives me the perfect look after the holidays.

As US and international demand increased, Brown decided to expand the company’s reach into the UK.

“In fact, I think there are a lot of similarities between the two markets,” she says. “There will always be people who like a face full of strong, contoured makeup. I find it so exciting to see people liking this fresher, no-makeup aesthetic, which I consider much more modern.

“I’ve always been obsessed with the UK so it was really a dream to get there. I can’t wait to see which products are the most popular and expand the range accordingly.

Brown is keeping operations as private as possible for now; the brand has fewer than ten full-time employees, hosts product launches on Instagram (rather than wasting money on marketing) and its head office is less than a mile from its home in Montclair, in the New Jersey.

This is exactly where rumors are circulating about the launch of a standalone Jones Road Beauty store later this year.

However, its short and long term goals remain the same. “I hope we will continue to create best-in-class formulas and increase brand awareness, while simplifying people’s daily routines. Our team is a young and disjointed group of cool people who really enjoy working and spending time together.

“We have so much to look forward to, including monthly new product launches. “

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