HOUSTON, August 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CAZ Investments (“CAZ”), a Houston-, a New York-based investment manager, today announced that CAZ has made a $1 billion commitment to Dyal Capital Partners V (“Dyal V”).

CAZ Investments

The CAZ team and its co-investors have allocated approximately $3 billion General Partner Stakes (“GP Stakes”) investment strategies alongside several partners, including Dyal. The attribution to Dyal V is symbolic of CAZ’s leadership in the GP Stakes ecosystem, which enables unique accessibility to invest in private market companies and the differentiated benefits they can offer investors.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Dyal Capital’s talented team and their well-established expertise,” said Christopher Zook, Chairman and CIO of CAZ. “We view GP holdings as an appropriate fundamental allocation of an investor’s portfolio, based on the rare combination of downside protection, upside options and attractive cash flow that this asset class can provide. Its cash yield also offers an attractive potential component to a fixed income alternative allocation.Ultimately, we view this strategy as offering upside equity with downside protection and credit-like cash flow. »

CAZ Investments’ proprietary research and network identifies thematic investment opportunities in public and private markets. The CAZ team reviews approximately 1,500 private investments in a typical year, but typically invests in less than ten. One of the guiding principles of CAZ Investments is that it will align its interests with those of its partners, which means that the company will first invest its capital in everything it does and investment advisers can invest a client’s capital knowing that CAZ is directly aligned with that client’s success.

About the CZA

CAZ is a Houston-based registered investment adviser focused on sourcing complex thematic opportunities for its own proprietary investment and for its ecosystem of owner shareholders and unaffiliated investment partners. CAZ has a 20-year track record of selecting attractive opportunities spanning short-term subprime, disruptive technology, midstream energy, medical royalty, private credit and GP minority investments. CAZ quickly established itself as one of the world’s largest investors in GP holdings. www.cazinvestments.com

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