A gallery that wants to capitalize on its inventory. A private dealer who needs a consignment advance before selling an artwork. A collector who wants to leverage their art to buy more. The reasons for requesting an art financing loan secured by a work of art as collateral are diverse, and each client and each work of art is different. Founded in 1992, DHB Bank (Nederland) NV is a boutique lender capable of adapting its services to the situation or circumstances and offers cash loans secured by works of art to a variety of art-related entities in Europe as well as in the United States, from collectors to dealers, galleries, auction houses and other art funding institutions since 2018.

DHB Bank Art Financing primarily lends to prime post-war and contemporary art; that is, works of art that have a consistent sales history, with a minimum value of $1 million. The process of establishing warranties and drafting legal documentation takes relatively little time, allowing clients to keep pace with the ever-changing art world.

Although in principle accepted works of art are under the control of the bank and kept in an approved warehouse, DHB Bank is aware of the practicalities of buying and selling works of art and, with Bank approval, customers can consign or display the works at major auctions. houses, galleries or museums. The organization of visits with potential buyers is also possible. Although not the norm, in some cases in the United States, customers may retain possession of the artwork.

DHB Bank also recognizes the anxieties customers may feel when considering financial services in an artistic context. To this end, DHB Bank emphasizes prompt communication and a high level of due diligence on the part of borrowers, which is always part of the way DHB does business, building trust by informing customers of impediments or potential risks. DHB Bank is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships based on mutual trust, reinforced by the bank’s commitment to meeting the highest regulatory standards.

DHB Bank has earned an esteemed reputation for its customer-centric principles and innovative, solution-oriented financial services. With its headquarters in Rotterdam, the bank also has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Istanbul, DHB Bank is ideally located to provide comprehensive banking solutions to the European financial community.

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