Angie Eilrich. Photo courtesy of First Bank Kansas “/>
Angie Eilrich. Photo courtesy of First Bank Kansas

Angie Eilrich began her banking career at First Bank Kansas in 1981. Over the past 40 years, Eilrich has held various positions at the bank in the areas of cashier operations, accounting, compliance, auditing, human resources, marketing, information technology, product development. , project management and training.

In January 2011, Eilrich was appointed Executive Vice President and COO of First Bank Kansas. Most recently, Eilrich was elected to the board of directors in January.

When asked what was his fondest memory in his 40 years at First Bank Kansas, Eilrich said: “There is not a single memory, but everyone I have been in contact with. have had an impact on my life, and for that I am grateful for. ”

When not at First Bank Kansas, Angie enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin, working on church projects, traveling, and spending time with their large, tight-knit extended family.

“I have worked with Angie for almost 30 years. I admire his dedication, work ethic, knowledge and most importantly his integrity, ”said Curt Glaser, Executive Vice President and Chief Loan Officer.

“Angie is a great team player and we all have immense respect for her. Angie’s experience and knowledge in many areas of our business is invaluable, ”said Kent Buer, President and CEO. “She is the glue that helps us stay focused as we develop and execute our strategic plans. I appreciate Angie’s loyalty to First Bank Kansas. Most importantly, she cares about people and I am fortunate enough to call her my friend.

“First Bank Kansas has always been a place where hard work, loyalty and creativity are recognized. Each person’s unique abilities are encouraged. In forty years, so much has changed in the banking industry when it comes to transaction processing, but the underlying commitment to providing a great experience for those around us never changes! Eilrich said.


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