Today, Governor Tom Wolf was joined by members of the General Assembly, housing advocates and stakeholders in Philadelphia to celebrate the critical investment of $375 million in the 2022-23 budget to combat the affordable housing crisis.

“Affordable and safe housing is essential for families, for our communities and for our community. That’s why my administration and the General Assembly have worked so hard to fund programs that support safe and affordable housing in this year’s budget,” Governor Wolf said. “We made a transformative investment in housing in Pennsylvania using federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, which is exactly what this money was given to the states for – to help our neighbors – and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

Totaling $375 million in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, the Commonwealth made the following investments to address affordable housing needs, such as creating new units, repairing existing units, and funding home repairs . All funding will be awarded through a competitive bidding process.

$125 million for whole house repair program

  • A program to provide loan forgiveness to small homeowners and landlords to make home repairs and fix livability issues, improve energy or water efficiency, or make homes accessible to people with disabilities.

$150 million in development cost relief

  • A program to help offset higher development costs for affordable multi-family rental properties due to the pandemic.

Construction of $100 million affordable housing

  • A program providing grants for the development of affordable housing units, including new units, the rehabilitation of existing properties for the construction of affordable housing, or the preservation of existing affordable housing for low-income tenants.

Governor Wolf was joined by members of the General Assembly to celebrate these necessary investments to support Pennsylvanians.

“We have heard calls from people across Pennsylvania to address the labor and affordable housing crisis,” said Sen. Vincent Hughes. “We fought for change and won with this major and historic investment of $375 million in housing, on top of the $55 million already budgeted. We look forward to rolling out these programs and will continue to fight for Pennsylvanians to have access to, and the right to, safe and affordable housing.

“Much of a family’s health and well-being is tied to the health and safety of their home. Yet many in Pennsylvania cannot afford to fix their homes to keep them safe or make upgrades to improve energy efficiency,” said Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton. “The Whole Home Repair Program will help our neighbors restore their homes, strengthen our communities and give residents a sense of security that their home is safe and healthy.”

“I’m so proud to celebrate the $375 million the General Assembly has secured to address Pennsylvania’s housing crisis,” said. Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa. “There is nothing more important than our homes. It is where we raise our families, cook meals, do our homework, rest, create wealth and create memories. But as the housing crisis has thrown families into uncertainty, financial distress and homelessness, my colleagues and I have used our power wisely and invested seriously to ensure that everyone has safe and affordable housing. . These investments will help families repair and protect their homes from the elements, as well as increase the supply of affordable housing.

“Last spring, we saw an outpouring of pleas from communities across the Commonwealth to demand action from the General Assembly on our housing crisis,” said Senator Nikil Saval. “I’m proud to say we’ve heard those demands, securing historic funding to expand affordable housing and to keep Pennsylvanians warm, safe and dry in their homes by embracing the groundbreaking Whole Home Repairs Program. . The need is great, and we are ready for the fight. Pennsylvanians thrive when we invest in them.

“Investments in housing, such as through the Whole Home Repairs program, are a direct investment in our communities and the future of the people who live there,” Rep. Jordan Harris said. “Quality, affordable housing is a right, and working families invest far too much time and energy in finding that housing only to be denied simply because of lack of access or soaring home repair costs. I am proud to have worked with Governor Wolf and my colleagues in the Legislative Assembly to make this affordable housing funding a reality.

“Impending gentrification in under-resourced communities, aging infrastructure in our oldest neighborhoods, and rapidly rising property values ​​are some of the major challenges faced here in West Philadelphia and throughout the Commonwealth,” Rep. Morgan Cephas said. “Given the current housing climate, it is crucial for us to ensure that we not only continue to build new housing, but also maintain current infrastructure and support a safe and affordable way of life for all residents and families. These investments will help us turn this vision into reality.

“Housing was a budget priority for the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus because we believe investments in housing can strengthen Pennsylvania’s black middle class, narrow the racial wealth gap, and uplift distressed communities,” the statement said. Representative Donna Bullock. “This historic investment of over $400 million will have a significant impact on the lives of Black homeowners, buyers and renters.”