Theft: Bailey Road

A homeowner called the police department at 12:50 p.m. on June 30 to report that he saw a babysitter withdraw money from her child’s bank via a home security camera.

When officers asked the babysitter if she knew about the missing money, she initially denied taking it. However, the owner had suspected the babysitter of theft on several occasions and had installed surveillance cameras inside the house. He had video that showed the babysitter entering a child’s bedroom and taking money from a piggy bank, according to a police report.

The babysitter, upon learning of the video, started crying and said she took $30 but nothing else.

The owner said he believed the babysitter took about $918 from the whole house. The babysitter later said she believed the figure was closer to $700 in the past two weeks, according to the police report.

The babysitter has been charged with minor theft, according to police.

OVI: Lorain Road

A concerned caller told police at 8.09pm on June 30 that they observed a vehicle driving recklessly down the road and the driver was now pulled over at a petrol station in Lorain.

The driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel with the car running, and an officer woke him up, according to a police report. The man told an officer he had just gotten off work and was driving home. However, he was confused and told officers he thought he was in Westlake. When asked to produce his driver’s license, the man gave the officer his Giant Eagle discount card, according to the police report. An officer noted that the man smelled of alcoholic beverages, had slurred speech and had bloodshot eyes.

An officer, after administering field sobriety tests, arrested the man for driving a vehicle while intoxicated. He refused to submit a breath sample for analysis. Police charged the man with OVI, refusing OVI and parking in a disabled area, according to the police report.

Theft: Brookpark Road

On the afternoon of July 1, an officer arrested a woman for petty theft after a Walmart asset protection employee said he saw the woman repeatedly fail to scan and pay for various items before removing them. put in a bag and leave the store.

The woman said she was tired and didn’t know she hadn’t scanned a few items. However, Walmart says it failed to scan and pay for 17 items totaling more than $65.

Police charged the woman with petty theft.

Break and Enter: Lorain Road

Officers at 1:34 a.m. on July 5 responded to GetGo on Lorain regarding three glass breakage alarms.

Officers who arrived found broken glass, a shopping cart and two packs of cigarettes outside the store near a shattered window. No one was left inside. A GetGo employee showed police a video of the break-in. A man could be seen entering through a broken window and then exiting through the same broken window and fleeing north. The man was dressed in black and had a black plastic bag over his face, according to a police report.

A store employee reported that about 18 packs of cigarettes worth more than $157 were stolen, according to the report.

At 2.11am an officer found a similarly dressed man outside a Shell petrol station on Lorain Road. Police found 16 packs of cigarettes in the man’s backpack.

Police arrested the man on warrant and as a suspect in the break and enter, according to the police report.

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