As climate disasters, systemic racism, economic inequalities, environmental injustices and unsanitary living conditions continue to plague communities across the country, it is more important than ever for Congress to stay focused and to do the right thing. work by making unprecedented investments to secure our future, our climate and our democracy.

When it comes to infrastructure, it is clear that if a bipartisan package on its own is incapable of solving the climate crisis we are facing in our communities across the country, then this is no real deal at all. That’s why our representatives: Congressman John Katko, and the senses. Kristin Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer and others, are to support a package of complementary investments in climate, infrastructure and human infrastructure that includes a clean energy payment program, tax incentives for the clean energy, a Civilian Climate Corps and the electrification of buildings across the country. In other words: “no climate, no agreement”.

Here in New York State, we know from experience that making bold new investments in our infrastructure is essential to deal with more frequent storms, coastal flooding, pollution in cities, soil erosion in the countryside, sustainable agriculture, air and water quality problems, public transport. in large cities and electric vehicles for rural use.

Only by passing a bill that includes bold climate action will Congress achieve President Biden’s justice-centric climate change goals of 80% clean electricity and 50% reduction in emissions from economy-wide carbon by 2030, while creating millions of good jobs.

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