SINGAPORE: After meeting a woman on the Tinder dating platform, a man secretly duplicated his keys and then used them to break into his house and steal S $ 40,000 in cash and jewelry.

When the woman, who is now his ex-girlfriend, changed her locks, the man forged a police report and tricked a locksmith into opening the door for her.

Filipino Moreno Nino Jusner Jashua Taguibao, 27, was sentenced to 22 months in prison on Tuesday August 3 for his crimes.

He pleaded guilty to one count of burglary for committing theft and forgery, with two other counts considered.

The court heard that Moreno met the victim, now 23, in 2015 on Tinder. They dated for a few years and Moreno moved into the victim’s house in 2018. The victim gave him a set of keys to his unit, but he secretly duplicated a set without telling her.

In September 2019, the couple separated. Moreno returned the set of keys to the victim, but kept the set he had duplicated for himself.

Moreno has started borrowing money since January 2020 from an approved pawnshop. He couldn’t make his loan repayments and began breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house to steal money and jewelry.

He did this nine times between February 2020 and January 2021, stealing S $ 12,500 in cash and several pieces of jewelry he pledged for a total of S $ 27,746. In total, he stole for S $ 40,246. $ S of items to his ex-girlfriend.

In March 2021, Moreno suspected his ex-girlfriend of changing the locks on his unit. He took a screenshot of a police report and used editing software to change his address, reflecting his ex-girlfriend’s address instead.

He visited the victim’s unit on March 18, 2021 and found that the locks had been changed. He then contacted a locksmith, showed him the false police report to prove he had stayed there, and tricked the locksmith into disassembling the padlock from the metal gate.

He also asked the locksmith to pick the lock on the door, before paying him.

The victim called the police from his office, claiming his neighbor videotaped Moreno asking a locksmith to open his door. Moreno was arrested by the police.


Deputy Prosecutor V Jesudevan requested 24 months in prison for the breaking and entering offense and one month in prison for the forgery. He said the offenses had been committed repeatedly, “almost in a serial fashion.”

He said Moreno had been to the unit nine times and “almost pilfered without repenting”.

He said Moreno was even prepared to resort to counterfeiting and had not made any restitution.

Moreno, who did not have a lawyer, said he visited the house several times because he wanted to return the money.

“Those times were a little tough, because my mom is a single mom and my dad just moved to the Philippines and he left her with a huge debt in the bank, so I was just helping her get out of it. every month, ”he said.

“It’s not something that would cover up my crime, but it’s the reason that there have been several times I have been there and it was during the dark times when I wanted to return the money, but my mom is still heavily in debt to the bank. It’s not me. “

He said he was waiting for “this whole ordeal” to end so he could repay his ex-girlfriend, saying his past relationship with her was “actually fruitful” and that he was “very close to being part of it. his family”.

The judge allowed him to start his prison term on September 6.


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