Outer Ring, one of the upcoming blockchain games to play to win, is proud to announce several key partnerships and collaborations. The project is attracting a lot of attention from leading companies and venture capital funds, indicating that the team’s approach is more than valid.

Global interest in the Outer Ring project is growing exponentially. Building an open world MMORPG in a sci-fi and fantasy setting is big business. Players will recognize the in-game elements of Ultimate Online and Meridian 59 and experience innovative concepts made possible through blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.

Massively multiplayer online games can attract players from all walks of life. However, they need to continue to grab their attention through continuous updates, new things to do, etc. Outer Ring is for casual games and diehard enthusiasts ready to dive head first into the real economy and token model. Whether you enjoy interacting with community members, building your claim, visiting a concert or museum, competing in arenas, or learning more about the token circular economy, the opportunities are endless.

In addition, the outer ring ecosystem is much more than the sum of its game aspects. It also has an integrated marketplace, in-game stores, decentralized trading opportunities between zones and regions. planets, player-to-player sales, an auction house, in-game advertising space and merchandising. These aspects are part of the Outer Ring freemium model, which does not require players to make an initial investment before starting to play.

Outer Ring has entered into many crucial partnerships and collaborations since the team first announced the project. The team has raised nearly $ 6 million in investments from partners such as DEXTools, Blockchain Territory, Leit Motiv, Play The Game Agency, Yellow Blocks, Sierra Blockchain, Avstar Capital, Metabrands, Dextforce, Dreamboat Capital and others. Even more impressive, the list of partners and investors continues to grow from month to month.

Many companies and venture capitalists see an interest in having their name mentioned in the metaverse. Outer Ring provides an all-encompassing and compelling metaverse perspective where public displays and advertising opportunities seamlessly integrate with games, exhibits, concerts, events, and more. Plus, it’s a space where gamers and content creators can come together and generate new experiences every day, further blurring the line between the real and virtual world.

About the outer ring

Enter the Outer Ring MMO and experience the new Play To Earn concept, uniting the real economy with the most exciting universe. Watch the in-game demo videos and see what the future holds. If you want to invest in building the Outer Ring now, you can follow this link and you will become one of the early explorers. Join the outer ring now!

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