What makes our readers happy we know very well and care about their choices and that is why we are back with the written update of their favorite daily soap opera “Kumkum Bhagya” from August 17, 2021. Viewers feel elated while watching the current storyline of the series. One after another, many twists and turns occur in the life of Pragya and her daughters. The series beautifully portrays the two stories together. Another fascinating episode of the series is ready with its script for the enjoyment of the audience. The episode begins with Rhea receiving compliments from Rajeshwari.

Rajeshwari says that you might not know how to wear a saree, but you also don’t have to fake it. Then she thanks Rhea for saving time, otherwise she would regret not having met them. Then, before leaving their home, Rajeshwari blessed Prachi and Rhea. Pallavi gets angry then she asks Prachi how can she make such a big misunderstanding. Prachi has no words to say anything to him.

In the other scene, Mitali informs Abhi that Tanu and Aliya were talking to a rich man and asked for money for their help. Both Tanu and Aliya rejected Mitali’s blame. Mitali says Aliya was asking for money from this person in order to save this man from trouble, but now this rich person refuses to give money but he will pay them later. Next, Abhi talks to Aliya and asks for this man’s name.

He says please don’t take any more loans then Mitali says she couldn’t hear that person’s name. Aliya did not say the name of the person, then he asks Tanu to tell him about that person. He further says that the man is a money lender or anyone else blackmailed by him using a secret. Tanu rejects all obligations and tells him a lie. Then Abhi told them not to ask anyone for money, and Aliya is an educated person and can earn money with self-respect.

Abhi asks about Baljeet and Mitali says she went to the market for groceries. On the other side, Pallavi yells at Prachi, Grandma tries to defend her and says to remember that Prachi has cured a Rajeshwari sprain. Teji says Rhea cleverly hides Prachi’s mistake, then Grandma says the family is supposed to not see the flaws in fact to save the pride. That’s all for today for the next update, we’ll update it tomorrow by then, watch this episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee TV at 9:00 PM and stay tuned with us .

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