prestigious credit example improves with installment loan

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According to banks are required to give a 2/3 credit example.

This states what a loan costs “in its entirety”, along with all fees and interest and also the most credit customers at the end of conditions .

Thus, it is no longer enough to call the “lowest possible interest rate ” or a range (from 3% to 8.99%), but the actual “most” awarded terms. This transparent for the customer what interest rate he “in general” has to expect. Now Belcalise could adjust this credit example as follows:

Representative credit example from 11.04.2014

  • Net loan amount : 10,000 euros
  • Duration : 60 months
  • Total credit costs: 11,210.59 euros
  • Annual percentage rate : 4.69% (previously 5.29%)
  • Debit interest rate (tied): 4.59% pa (previously 5.17%)
  • Other costs: none
    In addition to the total costs mentioned above, there are no additional fees and costs.

The installment loan from Belcalise can be applied for on the internet. These Belcalise provides a loan calculator . With this one can calculate directly on the Internet the borrowing costs according to the loan amount itself: Belcalise credit

So if at Belcalise one credit than 10,000 euros must receive over the term of the rate loan over the loan installment to repay a total of 11,210.59 euros. Thus the cost of credit amounted to 14,210.59 euros for the 5 years of repayment term .

This allowed Belcalise to significantly improve its terms in the past period of the loan actually brokered. The annual percentage rate of charge can now be reduced by 0.6%. The borrowing rate can be shown 0.58% lower in the representative loan example.

The credit rating is crucial at Belcalise

The credit rating is crucial at Belcalise

The actual amount of credit results from your own credit rating . The better the credit rating, the lower the interest rate can be. The credit calculator from Belcalise therefore has its own credit rating.

In the case of a “medium credit rating”, the monthly loan amounting to 186.90 euros will be used to repay the loan .

If you have an excellent credit rating, you can get a loan rate of 2.79 percent APR, which translates into a monthly rate of 178.60 Euros. The cost of the credit then falls to the loan from the credit example to 716 euros.

With a “bad credit rating” – which leads just to the credit approval – you pay 6.99% percent APR with a monthly rate of 197 €. There are then borrowing costs in the amount of 1,816.79 euros to raise.