King County property owners who pay their property taxes themselves, rather than through a mortgage lender, have until Monday, October 31 to pay the second half of their 2022 bill. After that date, late fees will be added to the tax bill.

To make the payment process easier, King County offers several ways for property owners to pay their taxes quickly and easily. Payments can be made:

  • On line using King County’s secure online e-commerce system at Taxpayers can pay with a credit card, debit card or electronic check. Service charges apply to this option. Watch the short video to learn how to pay online if you are unfamiliar with this payment option.
  • By email if postmarked no later than October 31, 2022. Payments should be made to King County Treasury, 201 S. Jackson St., Suite 710, Seattle, WA 98104. Please include property tax account number on the check or money order. Taxpayers do not need to include a tax return with the payment as long as the property tax account number is on the check or money order and the payment matches the exact amount owed. Cash should not be sent by post.
  • By secure drop box located at the King Street Center, 201 S. Jackson St. in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. Dropbox payments must be made by check or money order. Cash should not be left in the drop box. In-person payments are not available.

To help taxpayers affected by economic hardship, King County has a payment plan program available for real estate, commercial businesses, land and mobile homes. Legal late fees are calculated in the payment plans. To participate, owners must sign an agreement with the King County Treasury. If participating owners also have a mortgage, they must inform their lender of the payment plan. The program is administered by a third-party provider and monthly payments are credited to the property tax account once payment plan terms are met. For more information on the payment plan program, please visit

For questions regarding the tax bill or other tax payment information, visit King County Treasury Operations at [email protected] or 206-263-2890.

Information about waiver and deferral programs for seniors, persons with disabilities, or other eligibility requirements can be obtained from the King County Assessor’s Office at TaxRelief.kingcounty.govby sending an e-mail [email protected]or by calling 206-296-3920.

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