Bengal Shapoorji, who is building Asia’s largest mass housing project in the New Town area on Sunday, said he is pledging to deliver the remaining apartments and has secured a loan of Rs 200 crore to complete the construction work. The company also claimed to have resumed construction work with 600 workers, which should speed up construction activity.

Bengal Shapoorji

Private Ltd is a real estate arm of Shapoorji Pallonji tasked with building the Sukhobrishti project on over 50 acres of land which proposes to have 20,000 housing units in New Town.

There has been a flurry of complaints about delays in delivering the apartments on time. The project is initiated by West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (WBHIDCO).

Complaints started pouring in about the delay against the company at the end of 2019. Some homebuyers alleged that funds had been diverted from their project to another Joyville project in Howrah and called the delay in delivery a crisis. housing mass and accused the group of making false promises. The delay was also reported by consumers to banks for action.

“Bengal Shapoorji Housing Development (BSHDPL) is committed to providing the remaining apartments of the Shukhobrishti project. We have already secured funding of Rs 200 crore from a leading bank to complete the construction works and we will hand over the remaining apartments in phases starting early next year, ”said a spokesperson for the company at PTI.

“Construction has been delayed due to the spread of COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown. When the lockdown was lifted, there was a shortage of manpower to restart construction work on the site. However, construction work began and over 600 workers had been deployed. We plan to increase it to 1,000. As a responsible company, we strongly condemn allegations of embezzlement. We have already delivered around 10,000 apartments under the project, ”he said.

A senior WBHIDCO official said, “There are court cases so I won’t comment on it,” when asked.

While soliciting comments from the state housing department elicited no response.

The Sukhobrishti project is facing phase 6 delivery issues and the company has already raised funds for phase 9. However, the company has time for later phases, but these may be delayed in sequence. as previous calendars have been pushed back, sources said.