Over the past two months, Simply Healthcare Plan has invested $ 574,000 to help meet the needs of the community across Florida, targeting funds for mental health programs, dietary initiatives and scholarships for registered nurses. .

Some of the larger investments include $ 180,000 for Project Link in Tampa Bay, $ 100,000 for Feeding Florida, $ 100,000 for the Hope for Healing initiative launched by the First Lady. Casey DeSantis and $ 104,000 for nursing scholarships in a range of Northwest Florida counties.

An additional $ 100,000 will be donated to Feeding Florida to address food insecurity in areas disproportionately affected by chronic health conditions and higher death rates. According to the statement, Feeding Florida will direct the money to Feeding South Florida, Feeding Tampa Bay and Feeding the Gulf Coast.

“With these investments, our goal is to prepare Floridians for success,” said the president of Simply Healthcare Plans. Holly Prince noted. “Whether it’s making sure that a parent can feed their family at night, supporting a mother during pregnancy, managing a cancer diagnosis, training health workers or helping those with pain. of depression, we want Floridians to have access to the tools they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

In total, the health plan has donated more than $ 1 million to community programs this year, the statement said.

The state of Florida signs Medicaid contracts with managed care plans that compete to provide health care services to state Medicaid registrants from cradle to grave. Simply Healthcare Plan is one of the largest providers of Medicaid managed care, according to the most recent data released by the State Agency for Healthcare Administration.

Simply Healthcare Plan offers “managed medical assistance”, or MMA, or contracts that cover traditional healthcare services provided to the poor, the elderly and the disabled. The health plan also has contracts with the state for long-term care managed by Medicaid and specialist care from Medicaid.

As of November 30, Simply Healthcare Plan had 648,466 enrolled in its MMA plan, making it the third largest healthcare plan in terms of enrollment with 16.4% market share. Humana is the second health plan with 663,348 or 16.8% market share. The Sunshine Health Plan had 1,527,112 members as of November 30, making it the largest. It dominates the market share of Medicaid MMA with 38.6% market share.

Simply Healthcare Plan had 13,591 people enrolled in its long-term care plan managed by Medicaid.

Simply operates under the nickname of Clear Health Alliance in the Medicaid Managed Care Specialty market. Data shows it had 12,791 members statewide as of November 30.

Of the $ 574,000 in investments announced Monday, $ 180,000 will help support a mental health counselor or child psychologist for children in 50 colleges in areas where access to mental health support is limited. The program is operated by Project Link in Tampa Bay.

Hope for Healing’s funding of $ 100,000 will be used in part to develop new substance use and abuse lesson plans based on the new state standards. It will also be used to support Hope for Healing Ambassadors and public school clubs.

The Medicaid managed care plan will also provide $ 104,000 for what’s known as the Health Scholars Program. The program will be established where scholarships are available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing who reside in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes Jackson Franklin or Washington counties. The health plan will also provide $ 30,000 for doula certifications, but offered no additional details.

While the plan focuses on Medicaid, some of the money will help uninsured women. Simply Health Plan is teaming up with sisterhood Delta Sigma Theta to host a health fair at Belle Glade. Women will be able to access a variety of preventive health screenings, including breast and cervical, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sixty uninsured women receive screenings at Lakeside Medical Center as well as transportation assistance to health care appointments if needed.

The Florida Literacy Coalition will also receive $ 50,000.

State Senator Aaron bean and State Rep. Colleen Burton praised health plans for investments.

“Simply is a trusted partner in Florida,” Bean said in a prepared statement. “It is clear that they care about the communities they serve by investing in care, education and hunger throughout the Sunshine State.”

Burton added, “These investments from Simply will have a real impact on the lives of Floridians. It’s not just about providing care. It is about improving the quality of life and the opportunities for prosperity.

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