Trust is led by the CEO James borow, who built and evolved Snap’s global programmatic advertising platform into a multi-billion dollar company as Snap’s global director of revenue product strategy. Trust is designed to help digital businesses overcome their biggest marketing investment hurdles: volatile and opaque pricing models, a slanted incentive structure to favor larger advertisers, and a lack of trust and clarity. as to where to invest. Trust helps digital businesses overcome these challenges with better data, advice, and purchasing power.

The Trust Card allows businesses to increase their marketing buying power up to 20 times and receive 45-day payment terms for all their marketing investments. Trust cardholders also have access to the Trust community, which unlocks:

  • Market-level performance data on leading digital advertising platforms
  • Visibility into aggregated and anonymized marketing investment trends
  • Advice and discussions on best practices from trusted companies and industry experts
  • Organized news adapted to the specific marketing strategy of each company

“We built Trust to help digital businesses make more money from their marketing investments. We believe the best way to do this is to help them gain transparency and confidence when browsing major advertising platforms, ”Borow says.

The explosive growth of e-commerce places more emphasis on investments in digital marketing. Ecommerce has grown 39% in the United States over the past year, while digital advertising spending is expected to increase 25% this year to reach 191 billion dollars. Google (69%), Facebook (56%), Snapchat (116%) and Twitter (87%) all reported rapid growth in their ad revenue year over year.

Today, Trust is also announcing a strategic partnership with Verishop, the social shopping e-commerce platform. Thanks to this partnership, the 3,500 Verishop merchants will benefit from priority access to the Trust card + community.

“The ability to invest in growth when you find successful channels is a competitive advantage. Our partnership with Trust instantly gives Verishop merchants more buying power and a trusted resource to help them identify new investment opportunities as they grow, ”says Imran Khan, co-founder and CEO, Verishop.

For more information visit www.trust.co.

Contact: Daniel Druger
E-mail: [email protected]

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