Netflix’s game Squid does a major twist that is very similar to the first Saw movie, but it makes its great murderous drift more evil.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Squid Game Season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix Squid game, Gi-hun truly loses his humanity playing a series of games on a mysterious Korean island for over $ 40 million. Contestants begin stabbing each other in the back as the deadly fights shrink the pitch, leaving Gi-hun and his childhood friend, Sang-woo, as the last two. However, as Gi-hun takes the win and then faces all the guilt and regret, the series pulls its biggest twist off. Seen — except, in this case, it’s much more perverse.

Gi-hun returns to the mainland but struggles to adjust to life. He lost his mother while on the island and doesn’t even want to touch the prize money in his account. He continues to live as a poor drunkard, until he is contacted by gambling again to meet someone on Christmas Eve in a skyscraper.

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Gi-hun and Sang-woo clash in Squid Game

It turns out that Il-Nam (aka Player 001) isn’t dead, after all. Gi-hun is stunned as he cheated on Il-Nam during the “Gganbu” round, ripping him off and leaving the audience to think that the old man blew his brains out. But as 001 admits, he’s always been the boss of the island. Several clues were dropped, aside from his number, as motion sensors did not track him during “Red Light, Green Light”, while agents were dispatched during a cell block brawl when he summoned them.

Unfortunately, Gi-hun doesn’t understand the red flags and angrily asks why Il-Nam was hiding with them all along, risking his life. He confesses that he is a money lender who became a billionaire, and with his VIP associates they started this game. They were just bored, and since Il-Nam has a tumor and is about to die. , he just wanted to feel alive again.

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Gi-hun is pissed off to see him hooked up to machines, wondering how he could have cheated and watched so many innocent people die. 001 admits, however, that the game shows humanity at its most depraved, ergo why he’s making another bet with Gi-hun on whether anyone will help a wanderer in the freezing cold as the clock strikes midnight. Simply put, this is how he gets off, all the while proving to himself just how overrun the Earth is with a shattered species. And for him, the game’s deaths are a form of balance, suppressing the weak who resort to betraying each other. Yet in Gi-hun he found hope, hence the reason he was summoned to this meeting, only to die when Gi-hun wins the bet as the clock strikes and the cops help the wanderer

Il-Nam is revealed as the boss in Squid Game

This 001 form similar to the first Seen film when Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw / John Kramer became the ‘dead’ man in the bathroom in the 2004 film. The terminally ill man manipulated Adam and Lawrence throughout, playing possum, controlling the game and shocking them, all to get them to betray themselves and see who would amputate their limbs in order to survive. In his case, Jigsaw was more of a secret puppet master than a direct participant, but the concept of the brain helping orchestrate things remains, as Il-Nam had subtle control over the games.

But while a dying puzzle was all about vigilantism and removing the rot from society, 001 killed many innocent people who just wanted money to help families. Sang-woo and Sae-byeok are prime examples as 001 totally ignores how some people have to become killers, rather than freeing those who are latent inside, to win their game. Ultimately, Il-Nam’s legacy is all about ego and money, not correcting the moral compass of people like Jigsaw was, making 001 the biggest monster in the world and the very thing he was criticizing.

The first season of Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix. At the moment, a second season has not yet been announced.

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