Student loan for studying

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Studying opens up many job opportunities and increases the chances of finding a job safely. Well-educated people are far less likely to be unemployed than people without a vocational qualification or university degree. While almost 6 percent of people in Germany nationwide were unemployed in 2012, the unemployment rate among people with higher education was 2.6 percent and thus much lower. An investigation by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training also revealed that the demand for skilled workers will even increase in the future. A good reason for young people to invest in their own future and to study. However, this project often stands in the way of insufficient capital. For example, students who do not receive a can also finance their studies with a student loan.

Secure cheap credit from the bank now

The national promotional bank the offers students very favorable interest rates of currently 3.16 percent per year. The loans are also tailor-made for students. The loan amount is not paid out at the as usual, but in monthly installments. The maximum monthly amount is 650 euros, which students can receive for up to 14 semesters. the Bank has also considered a lifelike model for the repayment of the student loan: After the payout phase of the loan, which lasts for up to seven years, there will be a qualifying period of up to 23 months, depending on the student’s wishes and circumstances. This gives the students enough time to establish themselves in the workplace in order after the grace period to the repayment to begin the loan. The consumer has up to 25 years to pay for student loans. In addition to the payment and repayment modalities, this loan has another special feature: Interested parties can not apply for the’s student loan directly from the national development bank, but only from certain student unions or banks.

Compare alternative offers via a loan calculator

Although the student loan from the Bank is almost unbeatably cheap, an independent comparison of different offers is always worthwhile. Only then can consumers be sure that they have found the best deal.

Occasionally, students do not want to finance their entire studies, but only want to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck. That may be the case, for example, when the state exam is due and there is no time for the part-time job. In these cases, for example, it may be sufficient to take out a small loan . In doing so, students should pay special attention to choosing the essential credit components such as loan amount, term and repayment installments so that the loan can always be financed for them. Through an independent loan calculator on the Internet, consumers can get various offers and find the cheapest loan for themselves. The loan amount and the term can be varied in the online loan comparison so that the installments payable monthly fit optimally into the student’s budget. No matter whether it’s a financial shortage or the financing of your studies: With the right loan, there is nothing standing in the way of studying without financial worries.