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Want to know why it’s so hard to beat the market?

If you only own one or two stocks, you could be significantly behind the market Read More

Inflation is high, interest rates are low and you need the income – here is an alternative that pays more than 7%

The First Eagle Credit Opportunities Fund allows individual investors to participate in a private lending market generally reserved for institutions. Read more

Tradition has it that there is a lull before Santa’s gatherings – here’s what the statistics show

There is no reason to expect the stock market’s performance before Christmas to be any different from any other time period. Read more

Stock market bears have narrow window to capitalize on any S&P 500 sell signals

The S&P 500 chart is still positive, but confirmed sell signals are appearing. Read more

Stocks, gold, TIPS, and those specialist ETFs all battle inflation. Here’s what you need to know about them.

The perfect hedge against inflation has not been found. Read more

These are the six stocks to watch in the booming cybersecurity industry

There is a lot of competition in cybersecurity. But there is also more demand than ever. Read more

4 stock picks for the post-pandemic “nesting” economy of a five-star fund manager

The coronavirus pandemic is a “tipping point” for long-term trends that can make big money for investors, according to Alex Ely of Macquarie Asset Management. Read more

This fund company was one of the first to believe in Tesla – it is now making these bets

Baron funds took big stakes in Nvidia, Sea, Shopify and other companies in the third quarter. Read more

Why is there no love for electric vehicles at Ford and GM? Cathie Wood says ‘they don’t have DNA for this brave new world’ of electric cars

General Motors and Ford Motor have made strides in growing their electric vehicle business, but chief investment officer Cathie Wood says it may be too little, too late. Read more

The best of both worlds: save the planet and invest in cutting edge technology stocks at the same time

The most successful chip companies are leveraging energy saving and electric vehicles. Read more

Gen Z are extremely unrealistic about how much money stocks, crypto and other investments will give them for retirement

The future looks bright in a bull market. Read more

Here’s what happens when employers see workers as investors – not ‘family’ or ‘teammates’

Employees want 401 (k) s, profit sharing, and equity incentives – characteristics that align with shareholders’ interests. Read more

You can own a part of the Green Bay Packers for $ 300

You can own a part of an NFL team for just $ 300. Read more

You just ran into a pile of money, so why are you feeling so anxious?

To help people face a financial windfall, step back and give them plenty of space. Read more

How an impending baby boom could propel the US economy

The birth rate in the United States has been declining for decades, but that could change. Read more