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Can you name today’s biggest risks?

What the World Economic Forum in Davos can teach us about financial security in retirement Read more

The ‘godfather’ of technical analysis says the stock market could drop 20% or more, but don’t panic: ‘This market has been really, really amazing’ for 18 months

Prominent market technician Ralph Acampora said the recent bout of market volatility made him feel uneasy and he now foresees a deeper decline in the market. Read more

The much-heralded P/E ratio as a stock-picking tool has been more wrong than true

Falling price-earnings ratios suggest stocks are more attractive now. But this indicator is not very useful, according to research. Read more

Even after steep declines in Tesla, meme and crypto stocks, this market has no shortage of true believers

Investors have taken things to a whole new level and many still haven’t learned their lesson. Read more

A bullish sign? Nasdaq investor sentiment is worse now than it was in March 2020

In contrarian analysis, an extreme downtrend is usually a “buy” signal for stocks. Read more

This sector of the S&P 500 is expected to post the fastest sales and dividend growth in 2022 and 2023

Some stocks have been hit hard this year by fears of rising interest rates, but Wall Street expects strong growth in some areas of the market. Read more

It’s the next big test for the S&P 500 as a number of indicators flash “oversold”

Expect the stock bulls to make a strong attempt to hold the S&P 500 above 4500. Read More

Why Wall Street is celebrating Joe Biden’s low approval rating

Stocks perform best when US presidents are unpopular. Read more

This is the time window where value can outperform stock market growth

Analysts expect companies ranked in the value category to grow earnings faster than their growing counterparts. Read more

The S&P energy sector jumped more than 50% last year – so how have green funds been able to keep pace with the stock market?

Tech names have helped most ESG ETFs perform through 2021. Read more

The #1 Thing That Can Improve Retirement Security for Older Workers

Most of the things that concern us make little difference. Read more