Today, vantive officially launched the first integrated mortgage platform for investment property. The company offers a bank-grade mortgage through an entirely new and unique no-code, white-label solution. With Vontive, any bank, credit union, real estate technology company, or B2C brand serving real estate investors can now launch their own home lending business in less than a week.

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Vontive co-founders: Shreyas Vijaykumar CTO and Charles McKinney CEO (Photo: Business Wire)

vantive makes its public debut with $135 million in venture capital and debt financing. Zigg Capital led the Series B round, and other Vontive investors include Founders Fund, Goldcrest, XYZ Venture Capital, 8VC, Nine Four Ventures, Village Global, Godfrey Capital, and the LeFrak organization.

“We believe the real estate investment mortgage will eventually migrate to platforms that standardize the flow of credit from capital providers to borrowers through trustmarks,” said Ryan Orley, general partner at Zigg Capital. “Building such a platform requires an unusual combination of software engineering expertise, mastery of credit risk and knowledge of financial markets. We are proud to partner with Charles and Shreyas as Vontive continues to establish itself as the best technology partner for investment mortgage originators.

The funding will be used to expand Vontive’s engineering team, grow B2C partners on the Vontive platform, expand mortgage product offerings, and create its debt marketplace where financial institutions provide liquidity and receive support. secure return on their assets.

Since its inception, Vontive has quietly built its platform and expanded its customer base while operating largely in stealth mode. The company has seen approximately 900% annualized growth in gross merchandise value (GMV) and revenue, and was profitable in 2021. Vontive is now making its platform widely available.

A revenue-generating technology for every Fintech and Proptech

The Vontive platform makes it easy for any business to provide quality, cash-creating mortgages for real estate investors. In doing so, it opens up new revenue streams for companies that did not wish to expand into the realm of investment mortgages.

Before Vontive, a company that wanted to get into the investment mortgage business had to build a solution itself, which involved licensing in multiple states, hiring an entire team to process and underwrite loans, and arrange a balance sheet with equity and warehouse financing. behind. Companies should also establish relationships with financial institutions to which they could sell their mortgages, as well as tinker with or develop their own technology in order to automate all these activities. Such a process would typically take several months and millions of dollars in start-up costs to launch even the most basic line of business. Vontive, on the other hand, offers a white-label, bolt-on, no-code solution that is integrated directly into an existing app or website; its technology deploys in an afternoon; and Vontive provides the liquidity needed to fund mortgages. Within days or weeks, businesses can offer point-of-sale mortgages.

“Within hours, the Vontive team had us set up, integrating a fantastic white-label solution into our existing site,” said Pace Morby, star of A&E’s Triple Digit Flip. “After training, our group began marketing these mortgage products to property investors we know and existing clients we work with through our social media, education and property investment businesses. All in all, it took us only a few weeks to go from an initial conversation to overseeing a thriving mortgage business. With a traditional lender, even a scaled-down solution would have taken months to build and deploy, and start-up costs would have been 40 times higher.

Open supply

The launch of Vontive comes as vacancies are at historic lows and single family homes are appreciating at record rates. To remedy this problem and create new supply, more investors must enter the market; expanding access to investment mortgages will allow them to do so.

Companies using Vontive can offer products that attract more investors to the market. These products are as reliable as cash in a real estate transaction, allowing a mortgage to close 80-90% faster than through a bank without the excessive rates charged by hard money lenders. Vontive’s proprietary technology allows it to underwrite a mortgage with the same rigor as a bank in a fraction of the time so no investor is left out of a deal.

Vontive is able to accomplish this by applying AI to the lending process, simplifying paperwork, reducing burdens on real estate investors while reducing risk along the way. Its highly efficient models allow even the most sophisticated mortgages to be set up much faster than traditional loans.

Forging strategic partnerships

Since traditional banks lack the infrastructure needed for modern investment mortgage models, Vontive has also secured multiple integrations with major financial institutions. Vontive allows them to participate in new and exciting ways.

“Major financial institutions want exposure to U.S. real estate, and the appetite to fund investment mortgages eclipses their ability to allocate capital efficiently,” said Charles McKinney, co-founder and CEO of Vontive. “Unlike mature fixed income markets, these institutions cannot electronically allocate capital through digital systems. When the digital market for efficient capital allocation is established, the market will grow as new investors come to create a new providing affordable housing Vontive provides the connective tissue needed to make such change possible.

“Vontive has developed a unique data platform for investment real estate lending,” said Josh Tonderys, co-president of Colchis Capital, a liquidity partner for Vontive mortgages. “Vontive is a valuable partner for Colchis to allocate capital in a highly fragmented mortgage market, offering attractive credit quality, risk management and investment opportunities.

Specially designed by industry leaders

Vontive was co-founded by former Freddie Mac executive Charles McKinney and Shreyas Vijaykumar, one of Palantir’s early engineers. The couple met when Palantir partnered with Freddie Mac to develop technology for managing mortgage loan losses during the US housing crisis. Deep in the work on one of their credit loss initiatives, McKinney and Vijaykumar recognized they could leverage their skills to solve key industry issues. Vontive is the result.

“Without Shreyas’ knowledge of how to apply the right technologies to solve very complex problems and Charles’ expertise in credit and capital markets, it would be virtually impossible to start a business like Vontive,” said Trae Stephens, Partner at Founders Fund. “They are uniquely qualified to transform the way investment mortgages are constructed and distributed within this massive and fragmented market.”

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Founded by credit and technology industry veterans, Vontive created the first integrated mortgage platform for investment real estate. In doing so, it makes it easy for any bank, credit union, real estate technology company, or B2C brand serving real estate investors to launch their own mortgage investment business. Please visit or follow us on

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