We feel indebted to celebrities. Not only do they provide us with hours of exciting entertainment and gossip, but they have also provided significant funding for our favorite vegan brands. In today’s economy, a solid investment can breathe new life into a fabulous product; without adequate funding, even the best ideas may fail or never be distributed nationally. We thank the celebrities who put their faith and funds in the capable hands of innovative vegan entrepreneurs, because without these investments, we might never have tried a crispy double chocolate Partake cookie or a tasty crab cake Good Wrestling. From Rihanna and Jay-Z to Serena Williams and Bobby Flay, here are 18 vegan companies with investments from these celebrities.

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1 impossible foods

Vegan or not, it seems most celebrities have an interest in Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. Some have invested in both. Impossible’s burgers, grounds, and now chicken nuggets were funded in part by celebrities like Jay-Z, Trevor Noah, Katy Perry, Phil Rosenthal, Jaden Smith, Ruby Rose, Serena Williams, and more. It turns out that celebrities are like us in at least one way: they love burgers and nuggets.

VegNews.RomeluRomelu Lukaku

2 Beyond meat

Like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat could fill a large boardroom with its list of celebrity investors. From purely financial supporters such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates to more public investments from Snoop Dogg, Chris Paul and DeAndre Hopkins, this vegan meat company has earned its place on the red carpet and the ESPN zone. While the product launches of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods seem like a no-brainer, the former has earned a bigger reputation among professional athletes.



3 Quorn

This UK-based vegetarian brand is working to reformulate many of its chicken products to remove eggs and dairy. Drew Barrymore became the company’s CMO (Chief Mom Officer) to raise awareness of Quorn in the United States. Vegan options are clearly labeled and include meatless fillets, cutlets, ladles and pomace.

VegNews.MyKindMyKind Organics

4 MyKind Organics

Under the Garden of Life mega-brand, myKind Organics is the premier brand of supplements that are Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Certified Vegan, and USDA Certified Gluten-Free. Actress and animal advocate Alicia Silverstone developed the vitamin line alongside Garden of Life to align with her Kind brand (which includes a book and website). Products range from herbal remedies to gummies to multivitamins, but vegans will especially benefit from targeted supplements, including a vitamin B12 spray and vegan D3.

VegNews.OnceuponafarmOnce upon a time there was a farm

5 Once upon a time there was a farm

Actress Jennifer Garner co-founded this pouch product company specifically for babies and toddlers. The brand condenses farm-raised fruits and vegetables (some from Garner’s family farm) into squeezable pouches designed for little vegans. But parents, no one will judge if you take a sip of your kid’s dairy-free Go-Go-Greens smoothie. Adults also need nutrients!


6 Avaline

Launching a private label wine is definitely a celebrity thing to do, but what sets Cameron Diaz’s label apart from the rest is that all of its wines are organic and vegan. The condensed selection of whites, reds and sparklings range between $24 and $26 a bottle and lean towards light to medium body with fruity and citrus flavors.


seven S by Serena

Tennis champion Serena Williams launched her own line of vegan clothing in 2018. The fashion-forward brand offers a bit of everything from cool activewear to bodycon dresses with lots of tasteful yet edgy slits and cutouts. Always one to turn heads with her outfits on the pitch, we love seeing this Williams sister’s eye for design translate to everyday wear.

VegNews.ClevrClevr Blends

8 Clevr Blends

These instant lattes are fit for a duchess. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is an investor in this functional oat milk latte startup. The brand makes powdered lattes that only require water and a quick shake. Flavors like Matcha, Chai, Golden, and Rose Cocoa are all infused with adaptogenic mushrooms and probiotics to add more than just a caffeine boost to your morning or afternoon.


Parktake foods

9 participate in food

Denise Woodard is the first black woman to raise $1 million for a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) startup, but hopefully many will follow in her footsteps. Her brand of allergen-free cookies and baking mixes has been backed by big names in the music industry like Jay-Z, Rihanna and HER Since launching the company in 2018 to create a treat her daughter could safe to enjoy, Woodard has expanded both flavors and product line to include brownie and blondie mix, pizza dough and five-in-one all-purpose baking mix.

VegNews.CalifiaFarmsCalifornia Farms

ten California Farms

Almond milk was around before Califia Farms launched its first distinctively styled bottle on supermarket shelves, but this brand has unquestionably helped popularize this dairy alternative. Now, with a full line of products from almonds to coconut to oat milk, plus fun seasonal items and milky cold brews, Califia has the support of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto, among others. Drink.


11 Hippoies

These light and airy chickpea puffs are another recipient of Leonardo DiCaprio’s vegan investments. With four standout puff flavors and three-nugget varieties, Hippeas’ Better-For-You snacks are likely to pop up on any DiCaprio-honored artisanal serving table.


12 Bold Foods

Taking a slight detour from the vegan nugget craze, most of Daring’s plant-based chicken products aren’t breaded or fried. Daring’s Chicken replicates pieces of chicken ranging from the original with lemon and herbs. The brand can list entertainment industry investors such as Drake and Steve Aoki as well as a handful of professional athletes, including Grand Slam tennis champion Naomi Osaka and NFL quarterback Cam Newton.


13 PlantX

Tennis star Venus Williams has become an investor and spokesperson for this Canadian vegan e-commerce market. Now with three brick-and-mortar locations in California and British Columbia, the company uses the star power of Williams as well as a partnership with celebrity chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney’s lifestyle brand, Matthew Kenney Cuisine. Expect more herbal convenience stores under the PlantX label to arrive in the future.


14 Kinder Beauty

Launched with the support of actresses Evanna Lynch and Daniella Monet, this vegan and cruelty-free beauty set has grown in popularity. Each monthly box contains a curated selection of five products with the Lynch and Monet seal of approval. Items range from full size to mini and cover top brands as well as up-and-coming hidden gems.

VegNews.OutstandingFoodsExceptional Foods

15 Exceptional Foods

Founded by serial entrepreneur Bill Glaser and created by now-closed Madeleine Bistro celebrity vegan chef Dave Anderson, celebrities were quickly hooked by these mushroom-based pork rinds. Investments have come from Snoop Dogg, Alexandra Paul, Emily Deschanel, Alan Cumming and Cesar Milan, among others.

VegNews.GoodCatchGood catch

16 Good catch

Plant-based seafood is hot on the vegan chicken trend, and Good Catch is leading the hunt with its packaged plant-based tuna and crab cakes. Paris Hilton, Woody Harrelson, Shailene Woodley and Lance Bass have all contributed to the brand which recently made waves by handing out free fishless tuna sandwiches outside Subway sandwich shops in New York, Austin and London.

VegNews.DailyHarvestDaily harvest

17 Daily harvest

Given the busy schedules and high expectations of what a celebrity should look like, it’s no wonder so many people have embarked on this brand of health-conscious vegan smoothies and ready meals. All Daily Harvests breakfasts, lunches and dinners are nutrient-dense and take just minutes to prepare. Along with adding a few boxes of smoothies, overnight oats, and flatbreads to their carts, celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Serena Williams, Shaun White, and Bobby Flay have all invested in this business.


18 Bragg

There’s big celebrity power behind your staple brand of apple cider vinegar. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom made significant investments in Bragg when it was sold in 2019. Perry had been a fan of Bragg products since she was a child and she brought her fiancé (Bloom) into the fold. Turns out, celebrities are just like us…in that we all use apple cider vinegar for just about everything.

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