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  • Women aged 18 to 35 start investing much earlier than previous generations
  • Women invest early, with small amounts, but with a purpose
  • A larger share of their investments is directed towards environmental, social or governance products
  • Lorna Kapusta of Fidelity Investments says there are plenty of resources to help even more women start investing

Lorna Kapusta, head of women investors and client engagement at Fidelity Investments, says the pandemic has been a catalyst for all women to make finance a priority.

“Young women are leading the charge. Fifty percent said they had invested in the past six months or planned to do so in the next six months. And when they did, they did it very intentionally,” Kapusta explains. “They start early. They start with small amounts and they invest with a purpose.

Kapusta says that means investing with a focus on what can help women achieve the lifestyle they want. But it also means they put the causes they believe in first.

“In fact, according to Fidelity data, we looked at women’s portfolios as a whole, and found that more of their investments are directed to environmental, social or governance products,” Kapusta added. . “So we get that double benefit of growth potential, combined with a greater good or working their money, which is good news.”

What does this mean for women? This generation is stepping forward and taking action and Kapusta said that historically women have not invested as much as their male counterparts, but now more women are able to grow their money to the greatest potential.

“It’s really about really creating additional opportunities for women to take charge because they’re in careers and leadership now with their money,” Kapusta said.

What if you haven’t started investing?

Kapusta says the process doesn’t have to be complex.

“One of the things we recommend is to take advantage of available resources,” Kapusta said.

Companies like Fidelity can provide support and resources to help educate women. Fidelity is hosting several Women’s History Month events accessible to everyone to cover money-related topics. Careers and modalities experts, as well as external guests, will share their stories.

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